Let it snow – our 3 favorite winter resorts

The Westin Riverfront Resort and Spa – Avon, Colorado This is a great resort for families to enjoy.  While you will love it with or without kids in tow, the resort does cater to families, offering them special services such as childproofing supplies for the suites, and a car-pool service to take the kids to their […]

Travel product: Origami Unicorn Tuo

WHEN I TRAVEL…. I WANT ORIGAMI UNICORN TUO to go with me! WHAT? Origami Unicorn is a design studio based in San Francisco California. They design products to make life better. Addressed to WHOM? Everyone who travels!! WHAT: Origami Unicorn has a new product called TUO, which stands for Travel Undergarment Organizer.  My usual undergarment […]

Are you a day stayer?

  Infographic by HotelsByDay.com. Used with permission.

Baby Boomers are Wanting to Travel!

  Check out what AARP Predicts for 2016 – make sure you are on top of travel trends!! It seems that 2016 is the YEAR for baby boomers to hit the road, the airlines, buses and trains for — TRAVEL!  It seems from an AARP survey that this is The Year We Aspire to Travel […]

Bucket list: Rocky Mountaineer

I am a nature girl. From hiking in Zion National Park to walking along the seashore, if sun, snow or trails are involved…I’m THERE. While I live in Salt Lake City, I’m determined to vacation in areas that feed my spirit. That’s why the Rocky Mountaineer is on my BUCKET LIST! My bestie Zippy took the […]

Madame Tussauds San Francisco

Beat Your Weekend Boredom By Visiting Madame Tussauds In San Francisco Looking for something to do in San Francisco over the weekend? Madame Tussauds, an interactive museum in San Francisco, is a great attraction to visit if you want to achieve an eventful weekend that is free from boredom. It’s a fun, educational and enjoyable way […]

Days & nights in Mazatlan

History and party nights craze in Mazatlán Nothing beats the warmth of the beautiful city of Mazatlán and its stunning beaches and being a year round travel destination, plenty of tourists flock to this city. The diversity of the locals contribute to the socially friendly atmosphere, you’ll fit right with the crowd in no time. […]

Top 5 apps to track winter storms

I am a #VZWBuzz Ambassador, as such I have or will receive product &/or compensation, however all opinions are strictly my own. As a former New Englander I tend to be a weather watcher. From a state (RI) where we had our yearly share of blizzards and nor’easters, to FL where we have the entire […]

Travel Reviews: The Secrets of Nepal

What do you really know about Nepal?  The most that people normally know of is that it’s a country in South Asia and is the home of Mount Everest.  There’s so much more to this surprising country though, so we’ve created a list of the 3 best kept secrets of Nepal.  We’re sure that by […]

Travel Reviews: Norway’s Natural Wonders

To most people I’ve spoken to recently, Norway is still a country shrouded with mystery and uncertainty. “Isn’t that like, really North and really cold,” was a typical response when I questioned people about what they knew. And yet this is a country that has UNESCO’s best cared for World Heritage Sites along its dramatic […]