Gift Idea: Fererro Rocher Gift Boxes

Many of us often struggle with gift ideas; we have the dilemma of trying to find the perfect gift. We go through a number of stages in deciding what to purchase as the perfect gift and will evaluate a number of different options and alternative. Quite often we will try to match the gift with […]

Holiday gift reviews: Inova Flashlights

Inova Flaslights I’m a hiker, Not a very good one. Not a very fast one. Yet at least twice a week I put on the hiking shoes, attach the hiking belt with bottles water, dog treats, anti-venom debris, map, cell phone – it’s a long list. The Wasatch Range is rugged and the Utah canyons […]

DVD Reviews: City of God

City of God [Blu-ray] I remember seeing this film opening day in Providence at the Avon cinema.  It was my freshman or sophomore year of college on a brutally cold Friday night.  I had no date I was smoking cigarettes in front of Antonio’s Pizza.  I was completely unaware of what I was about to […]

Holiday Gifts: Golden Eye 007 Reloaded

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded I spent 2 years of my life obsessed with GoldenEye on N64.  I have fond memories of being 13 sitting in my buddy Chris’s basement with about a dozen guys yelling at each other over this game.  An act the same guys do today with Call of Duty currently.  Now we can again with this […]

Holiday Gift Reviews: Xob Collection

Xob Arm Warmers Days shorten, the sun regresses, and here in Utah we seek new ways to stay warm amidst upcoming winter storms! Always on the CQ for new mitts, hats and arm warmers, I found Xob Hats, caps accessories, home, bags, kids and the Dohm Collection! Sure we’re as green as an Irish clover […]

Holiday Gift Reviews: Poo-Pouri

 Poo-Pourri Eureka! The perfect, most fabulous, ingenious gift (Santa says!) for that guy in your life who has everything – Poo-Pouri has come up with devastatingly funny cards for his toilette – oops, TOILET! My boyfriend is of that generation who thinks that ANY bodily odor (halitosis – I buy hin cases of Listerine – […]

Holiday Reviews & Giveaway: Mimi’s Cafe

 Mimi’s Cafe Holiday Feast to Go The holidays can get pretty crazy, especially if YOU’RE the one in charge of coordinating everything. Between cleaning the house, planning the menu, cooking, making sure that there’s sleeping space for out of town guests, and that’s just Thanksgiving (December brings even more – shopping, wrapping, decorating). If you’ve […]

Holiday Gifts: Alp-N-Rock

Alp-N-Rock Apparel Redefining Luxury for Real People An Eco Design with a Purpose – and a Look to Die For (or Ski For) For all fashionistas, male sportsmen, divas, and anyone who demands creative, superbly made and limited fashion designs to define their lifestyle – and improve it! “I am a one of a kind […]

Holiday Gifts: L’Equip Blender

L’Equip 306500 20,000-RPM 7-Cup Blender with Polycarbonate Pitcher Sexy, revs up from 1 to 70 in seconds, with a quiet roar, this baby is the newest machine on the block.  For men, there’s a tachometer in plain sight, sharp ignition with a twist of the knob, and a NASDAC maleness that equates to virile!  Check […]