Holiday gifts: Jaymo’s Pixcase

Jaymo’s Pixcase Iphone 4/4S Picture Frame Case   Another stocking stuffer that will delight your preteens – the Pixcase phone case can be personalized by going to where customers have the ability to customize their photos. The Pixcase frame allows you to cut a picture out and place it into the frame and insert it on your iPhone.  […]

Gift giving: Decisions, decisions

It’s the age old Christmas dilemma, what do you buy the person that has everything? There’s plenty to keep you on your toes over the festive period so it’s always good to have a plan in place for your more challenging recipients! A Christmas hamper from Clearwater may just be your answer. If you visit […]

Christmas Gift Ideas: Pets

We have always been associated with keeping animals as pets, but now they are very much considered part of the family. Whether that be the trusty dog, cozy cat or even the fish – they are very much loved as a family member. And given that Christmas is very much a time for family and […]

Holiday Gifts: Books

THE BEST OF THE BROADS Broad A picks her top books to give this holiday season for your lover, friends, husband, wife, mad scientist and  GEEKS IN GENERAL. The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories 2  Author: Joseph Gordon-Levitt with HitRECord Like An Unfortunate Series of Events (Lemony Snickett) this little book carries enchanting and strange tiny […]

Holiday Gifts for the chefs in the family

Whether it be mom or dad, a teen or toddler – the kitchen is where so  many find inspiration. All except for “Z” who finds her inspiration at the other end of the phone line placing her take-out order. This year’s BEST OF THE BROADS includes gifts for those who UNLIKE Z, can actually remember […]

Pet Product Reviews: Chief Furry Officer

Chief Furry Officer  Indulgences for Pets and Owners  In Barrington, Rhode Island, where I met Broad Z (at the do park of course!), I owned a very upscale dog boutique. I searched high and low for the BEST in dog accessories because I am a dog fanatic! My little dachshund is my best friend (and […]

Gift Idea: Fererro Rocher Gift Boxes

Many of us often struggle with gift ideas; we have the dilemma of trying to find the perfect gift. We go through a number of stages in deciding what to purchase as the perfect gift and will evaluate a number of different options and alternative. Quite often we will try to match the gift with […]

Holiday gift reviews: Inova Flashlights

Inova Flaslights I’m a hiker, Not a very good one. Not a very fast one. Yet at least twice a week I put on the hiking shoes, attach the hiking belt with bottles water, dog treats, anti-venom debris, map, cell phone – it’s a long list. The Wasatch Range is rugged and the Utah canyons […]

DVD Reviews: City of God

City of God [Blu-ray] I remember seeing this film opening day in Providence at the Avon cinema.  It was my freshman or sophomore year of college on a brutally cold Friday night.  I had no date I was smoking cigarettes in front of Antonio’s Pizza.  I was completely unaware of what I was about to […]

Holiday Gifts: Golden Eye 007 Reloaded

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded I spent 2 years of my life obsessed with GoldenEye on N64.  I have fond memories of being 13 sitting in my buddy Chris’s basement with about a dozen guys yelling at each other over this game.  An act the same guys do today with Call of Duty currently.  Now we can again with this […]

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