Recipe: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Holidays means the Great Pumpkin – COOKIES! I love the smell of cookies baking and it is one of the scents that give me a boost of holiday spirit.  I make a lot of the gifts that I give and cookies are always a huge hit as a gift for parents, seniors, teenagers, kids – […]

Nostalgic pricing at Wienerschnitzel

Thank you to Weineschnitzel for providing us with a gift card to try their .25 corn dogs. Wienerschnitzel OFFERS Mini Corn Dogs until the end of December at a Nostalgic Price (25 cents each) It’s that time of year Time to shop for the holidays. I don’t know about you but, I’m running myself ragged, […]

New Menu at Del Taco with PLATOS

CHECK out the new menu Mexican Night at Del Taco with PLATOS Oh my!  I simply adore good Mexican food, and Del Taco is always my first choice.  Del Taco is now introducing a newbie to the menu – a complete dinner plate called Platos, a new offering of one plate meals.  With a large […]

Mom’s Recipes 2.0 – Updating Your Favorite Comfort Foods

We all have those recipes that remind us of our childhood, taking us back to the love and comfort of mom’s kitchen.  And while we don’t recommend fixing what isn’t broken, there is nothing wrong with trying something new.  To help, we have compiled a list of recipes that we found on blogs, etc., that […]

My Team is HUNGRY – off to Wienerschnitzel!

We received product to facilitate this review. With these hungry kids, there was NOTHING left. My son Chas heads a national lacrosse team that practices every weeknight and this team plays heavy and hungry!  Where to take them after practice is a no-brainer: we hit Wienerschnitzel.  Late night cravings are not new to Wienerschnitzel, AND […]


CHEWY.COM THAT IS!! Clem although male is quite the diva when it comes to good food!  He is no vegan; au contraire, he suffers only the best raw venison, wild caught salmon, ahi ahi au rare, and various and sundry treats, all coming from  Clem knows that carries all the best dog treats, […]

Subscription box: Chococurb

CHOCOCURB  Chocolate for the Dans and Divas! At last!  A monthly subscription service for my favorite food in the world – CHOCOLATE!  And  not just any chocolate !  With many many artisan and organic chocolates to choose from, you can send a mini box or a full subscription box of the world’s most tantalizing chocolates […]

Mimonis Digestic

I Feel Like a Blimp — What Do I do? Reach for DIGESTIC! Well, what can I say – we are aging.  Some of us.  And now when I eat I find myself not digesting some of my favorite foods.  What to do!!  I don’t like embarrassing myself and I don’t like not eating the […]

Blue Sky Family Farms

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Blue Sky Family Farms Eggs. Please note that while they have sponsored the post, all opinons are those of Broad A and The Review Broads. Got EGG on your Face?  MAKE SURE THAT IS BLUE SKY FAMILY FARMS EGGS!! Eggs. Eggs..Eggs… Easter….Eggs…..Benedict……Eggs Heuvos Rancheros….Green Eggs and Ham….Eggs Benedict…….WE […]

Review: Natural Sins all natural chips

Natural Sins All Natural Chips are SINFUL!!!! Fresh from Costa Rica, these chips don’t WANT to be potato chips!  Nope!  They know that they are unique!  With only two ingredients, Natural Sins stole my heart and taste buds on first taste! WHAT ARE THEY? Natural Sins are all natural fruit and vegetable chips with only […]

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