What to watch on a rainy day

It’s hot outside, so hot that the crack of thunder is no surprise. The steamy heat and humidity is about to open up and in a couple of hours I’ll be able to take in one of my favorite smells…fresh rain mixed with newly cut grass. But for the moment, I’m stuck inside staring out […]

CD review: Merry Pranks of Master Till

CD Review: Merry Pranks of Master Till Maestro Classics Stories in Music CD for children, ages 7+ and their families Richard Strauss – Till Eulenspiegel London Philharmonic Orchestra Stephen Simon, Conductor Maestro Classics has done it again! Meet the quick-witted prankster, Till Eulenspiegel and learn about his antics by listening to Richard Strauss’ masterpiece as […]

CD review: Goo on my shoe

Goo on My Shoe: Here Comes Trouble Kelly Donohue and Jon Babu   I believe in music, especially for children!  I love singer/songwriter Kelly and husband Jon because they send joy out into the stratosphere and make listening to music an EVENT not only for children but for parents too!  Alligators and bogs, dinners with […]

Orange is the New Black – Season 3

The Review Broads are ambassadors for Netflix #Stream Team and receive product as a result. All opinions are strictly our own. No, it’s not just sex….it’s LOVE. It’s two people connecting…. …with four other people… …and an alien – Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren In just a little over a week, it’ll be BACK on Netflix. […]

Classic summer flicks

It seems like Spring has come and gone in a flash and (at least in Florida), summer has arrived. Unfortunately for those of us in tropical climates, that also means that it’s the rainy season, and finding something to do INDOORS, while we have those quick 2-3 hour rainfalls means curling up and watching a […]

Movie review: Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2 I’m usually against seeing sequels, they always seem to just retread familiar water and leave me completely unfulfilled.  There are a few exceptions Shrek 2 (bet you weren’t expecting that), Evil Dead 2 (I bet you were expecting that), and Before Sunset (betcha thought I was going to say Godfather 2).  That […]

Music is my therapy

Music has always been my go to when I am feeling down or depressed and it has helped many people in drug rehab therapy as well.  It is easy to take music and art for granted, but when used as a therapy program for drug and alcohol addiction, it allows people to communicate their moods […]

Check this #StreamTeam

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretsky AKA The Great One I just spent my last week traveling through the Canadian Rockies. At each of the stops, be it a fine dining establishment or a neighborhood bar, there was only ONE thing on the television… THE STANLEY CUP Yes, we […]

Ant-Man Trailer

  It’s finally here and I’ll be telling you more from my “inside scoop” on Ant-Man soon (I pinkie swear promise). In the meantime we’ve got a first look at the trailer. The next evolution of the Marvel Cinematic Universe brings a founding member of The Avengers to the big screen for the first time […]

Music review: The Start of Things

The Start of Things Alison Faith Levy (solo album for children)   Alison Levy (also known as Sippy Alison of The Sippy Cups) shares her wonderful sounds of music with our little ones ages 3 to 8 years old in The Start of Things, her new solo album. These trilling, thrilling songs, influenced by greats […]