Bark2SCool Reviews & Giveaway: Dogmeat Toys

Does Fido have a penchant for all things Funky, Kitsch, Campy or Cool? Last week we introduced you to the Squeeki Tiki from Pet Projekt. Well, our friends are at it again, only this time they’ve created a dog toy that I WANT TO KEEP and use as pieces of Kitsch Art in the house. […]

Bark-2s-Cool Reviews & Giveaway: Squeeki Tiki

Broad A: Squeeki Tiki is better than Freaky Friday.For the Dogg^ee crowd, Squeeki Tiki measures way beyond “Dog Toy!” Clem the Dachshund lives, sleeps, breathes Goddess Tiki Toy. Broad Z: OK, this is going to get WAY too confusing for our readers, because your dog and my dog are BOTH named Clem. Hmmm….I’ll just refer […]

Bark-2s-Cool Reviews & Giveaway: Leash Holder

Wrought Iron Leash Holderfrom Pets Unleashed As usual, Clem the mini bull-terrier (as opposed to “A’s” dog – Clem the dachshund) wants to go out, he merely stands at the door. Well, it’s more like he stands in front of the windows that flank the door and stares out PATHETICALLY. After searching for my flip […]

Adult Toy Reviews & Giveaway: Eden Fantasys

I have this memory….I’m sitting on the floor with 3 boys and 2 girls and there’s a bottle in the center of us. I was probably 12 or 13 years old (or thereabout – I have a TERRIBLE memory about dates and times). I was awkward (gawky) and uncomfortable. With my baby blue cat’s eye […]

Bark-2s-Cool Reviews & Giveaway: Wristlet Water Bowl

BOWHAUSNYC Wristlet Water Bowl One of the things about having a dog, much like having a child is that you have to be prepared for just about any scenario, especially when you’re out and about. A simple trip to the dog park can turn into a fiasco withoView Blogut the proper accoutrement. For example Clem […]

Back to School Reviews: Cyber Clean

Cyber Clean Broad A: I tried Cyber Clean on my (filthy) car to get out all the dirt that settles on my gear shift and cupholder, etc. Broad Z: You did WHAT? Broad A: I actually lost the little glop of yellow slime when it slithered into the rubber aroundthe gear shift and it shredded […]

Back to School Reviews & Giveaways: GreenSmart Laptop Sleeve

Back to school shopping this year is bound to include technology based products, but you can’t forget that you need to PROTECT them. That new laptop that you grabbed on sale needs to make it through a couple of school years, and the best way to do that is to make sure that it stays […]

Back to School Giveaways: Master Lock

Send your kids back to school with the comfort of knowing that they’ll be able to reset the lock on their school locker without worry. I recently wrote about the MasterLock 1590D on Champagne Living. Take a look and see just how easy it is to use for kids (and adults) of ANY age. I […]

Product Reviews – Ultimate Nights

When I was approached to review some “romance” products from Ultimate Nights, a party company that markets to women wanting to spice up their romantic and sex lives I was a little unsure of how I could talk about these products without crossing the line. Once the products arrived, I knew that I was worrying […]

Electronics Reviews: Roku – Netflix Player

I was pretty excited that Roku was sending me one of their Netflix players to try out. I’d JUST started hearing a little bit about them and I was curious as to how they work. If you HAVEN”T heard about Roku – it’s a little box (about 1/4 of the size of your cable box) […]

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