Back to School Reviews & Giveaways: Jones GABA

Thanks to Jones Soda’s new drink Gaba Tea I am one step closer to getting my Masters degree. When I was asked to do this review I never knew that it may change my entire future, and by a canned tea much less. All summer I have be preparing for an entrance exam for graduate […]

Food Reviews & Giveaways: Bake Me a Wish

Yesterday was hubby’s birthday. I’m going to tell you his age mostly because he’s OLDER than I am and it makes me feel good. Mean huh? He turned 57 yesterday and he wasn’t very happy about it. I’m not sure if it was the AGE that bothered him so much, or the fact that he […]

Food Reviews and Giveaways – Horizon Organic Eggs

I was recently contacted by the good people at Horizon dairy and asked if I’d like to try their organic eggs. Organic EGGS? I knew that Horizon produced milk products, butter and cheeses…but, EGGS? Since I was already familiar with their milk (as we’ve been drinking it for years), I was curious to see if […]

Food Reviews: Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters

As hard as I try to eat healthy, underneath it all I will always enjoy junk food more. Mind you, I like snacks that are the absolute WORST for me, like milk chocolate, ice cream with LOTS of butterfat, homebaked caked and cookies, cheesecake, etc. Try as I may to eat healthy, I’ll always prefer […]