View from a broad: Planning the Perfect Christmas Party

  Christmas nearly upon us and I am sure the preparations are in full swing. Whether this be buying your presents, seeing the family or decorating the house – the season of good will is nearly upon us. But one thing that you still might be worrying about is hosting your Christmas party. Everyone loves […]

Gift giving: Decisions, decisions

It’s the age old Christmas dilemma, what do you buy the person that has everything? There’s plenty to keep you on your toes over the festive period so it’s always good to have a plan in place for your more challenging recipients! A Christmas hamper from Clearwater may just be your answer. If you visit […]

Encouraging your Child’s Learning and Play from Home

Every parent wants the best for their child, but sometimes you don’t really want to get the maths workbooks out. You know it’s far too boring, it’s too much like school. They don’t like it either, and who can blame them. So here are a few fun ideas and ways to get your kids learning. […]

View from a broad: Treat the Kids This Christmas

Christmas is always something for children to look forward to. With the imminent deliver from Santa Claus, kids can often be at their most excitable! Whether that be because of the expected arrival of the latest video game or the newest toy is another matter, the joy that Christmas brings is brilliant. But Christmas only […]

View from a broad: My Favorite Movie

As an amazing movie reviewer (sic) with absolutely no ego in my taste in film, I am often asked which is my favorite?  I reply differently almost every time.  So, either people have to stop asking me questions like that or I have to make a decision.  Some times I just stare at them blankly […]

XSRE Girl Casting Call – Palisades

It’s “A” here and you know that I love nothing more than trying to keep up with “Z” in the fashion department. Those are big shoes to fill, but this weekend I’m going to give her a good run for her money, and so can YOU. As a matter of fact we can ONE UP […]

View from a broad – dog grooming

She’s got the mansion.  I have the hut.  She flits around posting pictures on facebook about high end cars, cruises, vacation spots AND then she brags about going to Paris…blah blah blah.  Me, I sit here and write posts about awesome things that I find, and that you readers need!  And without HER (Z of […]

View from a broad: Angina

Angina is a chest discomfort or pain that is caused by a lack of oxygen to the heart. Although angina is not an actual disease, it is a tell-tale sign of a very serious health ailment such as heart disease. Here are some of the common risk factors and potential treatments for angina. Risk Factors […]