Don’t Stress – Over the Dress, the Dinner, or the Guests!

I have been reading several low-stress dinner party articles and I felt something missing….you know, that “oh I’ve read that before” and yet… I am a Stressee.  I stress over chocolate milk.  I stress over what to wear.  I sit awake at night planning meals.  Yes, I am a Type A Stress Machine. So I […]

Five Ways to Get Your Zen On!

We all need a little down time now and then. While I was thinking of the different ways that I get my ZEN on, I realized that we all have different ways to deccompress. Here are my FAVE FIVE ways to get MY Zen on 1. CDs! Yes, CDs!  Mine come from Brainwave Entertainment Music, […]

7 Forgotten Steps Every Host Should Take While Planning a Party

Humans are social creatures that have been congregating together since the beginning of time. The only difference is today we do it in our homes. We open up our comfortable cocoons to guests to celebrate milestones and have a little fun. Unfortunately, the hosting part can be stressful. Any number of things could go wrong, […]

Making Early Morning Runs Easy

Early mornings are not everyone’s cup of tea, and while some people absolutely bounce out of bed, ready to hit the ground running (literally) the mere mortals among us are known to snooze the alarm clock a bit too much and really dread getting up. Exercising in the morning is an incredible way to start […]

Medical Industry CEOs Worth Following on Twitter

Many CEOs say they want to make the world a better place, but few have made as great an impact as the people below. They prove that passion for a cause is a driving force behind advancing medical technology. Take one look at their Twitter feeds and you’ll know these CEOs are active in educating […]


No it’s a DACHSHUND!   (PLUS FIVE FACTS ABOUT ST. PATRICK’S DAY on March 17th that your hound and human might not know!)   Since you all know that I have a maniacal long haired dachshund named Clem, you also probably know that Clem likes to dress for special occasions. I have tried to discourage […]

Happy New Year

Whether you’re a broad or a bro…we wish you the very best in 2016! Broad A, Broad Z & Bro’ B

5 Tips For Staying (Almost) Stress Free During The Holidays

The calendar doesn’t lie and already you may feel the stress starting to build. The holidays are approaching, bringing with them a flurry of must-accomplish tasks such as baking, shopping, entertaining, traveling and dealing with eccentric family members who arrive ready to renew decades-old arguments. So how can you endure without all those stress-inducing moments […]

Tips On How To Take Care Of A Newborn

Watching the birth of your newborn child is one of the most exhilarating moments that a person can experience. But when it is all over, reality sets in and it is time to take care of the baby. The first weeks of parenthood can be challenging so follow these helpful tips to make the process […]

Fifty Ways to LOSE a LOVER

Broad A Hits the Brakes! On Senior Living and DATING… Yeah so I am single, 66, and look 55.  Two years ago I chose to “do a sabbatical” in a senior, downtown building that sparks views across the Glorious Basin of Downtown Salt Lake City.  I could wax poetic on those views, on my 900 […]