Reinventing Yourself in 2017

How you Can Restore The Passion And Purpose To Your Life Many Americans in the latter stage of a career – or even already in retirement – have discovered that it’s never too late to reinvent themselves. Folk artist Grandma Moses was in her late 70s before she began her painting career. Colonel Harland Sanders […]

Happy Holidays from The Review Broads

Broad A and the entire staff at The Review Broads wishes you a very happy holiday season. Please follow and like us:

Grab Your Fast And Go Healthy This New Year!

Too much holiday cheer? Fatty foods, sweet treats, alcoholic drinks?  Fear not! The New Year is your chance to hit the reset button and go healthy. One way to do that is to try a fast. “You can lose at least a pound a day, get rid of foggy brain, and recharge your energy,” says […]

Donate for the holidays – CenturyLink

CenturyLink, a company with a huge heart If you live in Utah, you know that CenturyLink is our premiere digitial communications company, but did you also know that they provide programs to assist to those in the community who have needs? Yes, you see CenturyLink gives back to those it services, and for me that is […]

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS – Hearts and Hoops

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS CenturyLink and the Utah Jazz and George Hill are partnering for Hearts and Hoops to assist our community for the HOLIDAYS (Salt Lake City, Utah). CenturyLink, a digital communications service in Utah, helps customers connect to the internet and other information services.  They are THE company who keeps The Review Broads […]

Balancing 101

What the heck does that mean? For me, it means just that — balance.  When I am worried about something I tend to go black and white with everything around me.  My friends are all narcissists my kids are hateful, my grandchildren don’t love me.  BUT the real issue is a health problem that I […]

Don’t Stress – Over the Dress, the Dinner, or the Guests!

I have been reading several low-stress dinner party articles and I felt something missing….you know, that “oh I’ve read that before” and yet… I am a Stressee.  I stress over chocolate milk.  I stress over what to wear.  I sit awake at night planning meals.  Yes, I am a Type A Stress Machine. So I […]

Five Ways to Get Your Zen On!

We all need a little down time now and then. While I was thinking of the different ways that I get my ZEN on, I realized that we all have different ways to deccompress. Here are my FAVE FIVE ways to get MY Zen on 1. CDs! Yes, CDs!  Mine come from Brainwave Entertainment Music, […]

7 Forgotten Steps Every Host Should Take While Planning a Party

Humans are social creatures that have been congregating together since the beginning of time. The only difference is today we do it in our homes. We open up our comfortable cocoons to guests to celebrate milestones and have a little fun. Unfortunately, the hosting part can be stressful. Any number of things could go wrong, […]

Making Early Morning Runs Easy

Early mornings are not everyone’s cup of tea, and while some people absolutely bounce out of bed, ready to hit the ground running (literally) the mere mortals among us are known to snooze the alarm clock a bit too much and really dread getting up. Exercising in the morning is an incredible way to start […]

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