A little fun with coffee filters.

So, you finally got that coffeemaker that uses pods or k-cups for Christmas. You put your old coffee pot away for an occaision when you’ll have company over, but now you’re stuck with that HUGE box of coffee filters that you bought at Costco. DON’T THROW THEM OUT, because we’ve got 15 things that you […]

Meet 2018 head on: How to Overcome Emotional Eating

You’ve resolved to finally lose that weight…the same way that you resolved to lose it last year, the year before that, and….etc. I’ve said it again and again. I begin by going on a strict diet…for about 8 hours (make the 4.5 this year), then something happens. I either “forget” that I’m watching my eat […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside!!! 5 Ways to Boomer Up for Winter

    As the winter sun lowers in Utah, displaying lots of smoggy inversion and bitter cold, EVERYONE but especially Boomers must take to the streets and stairs to shop for the holidays. Warm socks, scarves, hats and gloves.  Don’t underestimate the cold and keep your head covered.  Yes, I know Fizzy Hair is ever […]

Damn Good Ways to Deal with Cold Stress and the Mess of After Holidays!

Buy the BEST hot chocolate you can find. Makre sure you have some dark chocolate to add – it counteracts depression – and tiny marshmallows – just because…   Worried about all the holiday calories? Keep it simple.  Walk one block for three days a week.Go to an indoor gym track as you get into […]

Finding The Right E-Cigarette & Popular E-Cigarettes

With the passage of time e-cigarettes became a trend among teens and adolescents which helped e-cigarettes industry to grow at a faster pace. Now there are a large number of companies making e-cigarettes, e-juices and components of e-cigarettes. Companies from different countries are competing with each other and launching new and unique products. In a […]

All About Your Boom: Fun Means Staying Healthy

This post was sponsored by Pfizer. As a boomer, I don’t really pay attention to my age. However, I do pay attention to my health. Since I am a Mountain Girl, I spend every weekend that I can in the Uinta Mountains camping and hiking. When the campgrounds close in October, I spend time driving […]

Green and Red is Holiday Cheer Blue and Grey – So Sad, oh Dear!

11 Things my Therapist Says: Holes cannot be filled.  They need to be explored, even digging them deeper, and honored.  Then fill them up with the good stuff. Self-love comes and goes.  Be gentle with yourself and invite it back. Pets are family.  Let them love you.  They are good at it. Don’t forgive if […]

Here Comes Santa Claus

This post is sponsored by Santa.com. Here comes Santa Claus right Down Santa.com Way…… Santa.com is where The Real Santa Lives on the internet!  Since 1994 the site has transformed into a family owned site where the elves, Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus sends texts, emails and other great communications to all the believers in […]

This post is for WOMEN over 21 ONLY!

Now we all know that Zippy is Naughty and Ava is Nice – but sometimes, we like to switch roles here at The Review Broads (sorry Bro B, you were at a movie somewhere and this is for WOMEN ONLY!). Discreet is the word at The Review Broads, so when Nuclimax asked me if I wanted […]

The Power of Antioxidants for Staying Young

At 67 I still feel like a teenager. I know that part of it is attitude and the foods that I eat, but I also understand that a big piece of the anti-aging puzzle is making sure that you get all of the antioxidants that your body needs to stay as vital as possible. We […]

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