5 WAYZ to Energize Your Summer Dayz

We received some of these products to include in this post. All opinions are strictly our own. 1.Shake up your morning with a NEW protein shake  I keep little baggies of Rawfusion’s raw, plant based protein fusion (vanilla bean) in my purse and when it gets hot out, I buy a small milk and throw in […]

A Review Broads Fathers Day

I should be inserting cool pictures of father’s day gifts for all the cool dads out there, but no.  This Father’s Day, I want to write about my dad. A devoted career Army officer and an adoring husband, my dad was not the best dad in the world.  He was married to his career and […]

Are Women Prepared For Life Alone As They Age

  Since I am single, and probably will remain single, this article was so important to me that I wanted to share it with my readers. The trends are clear – as women age the odds are they will be living alone, largely because of either divorce or widowhood. What may be less clear for […]

4 Ways Marriage, Divorce And Do-Overs Can make you $$$

4 Ways Marriage, Divorce And Do-Overs Can Increase Your Social Security Check In a world of IRAs, bonds, annuities and investment property, one retirement benefit often gets overlooked, or not discussed at all, by some financial advisers: Social Security. “In retirement, you need to create as much fixed, guaranteed income as you can,” says Tony […]

Zoosking – the finale

I am proud of taking care of myself and one of those things that were hard to do was to finally get off of Zoosk entirely.  First of all, I seemed to meeting lots of men who had lots of narcissistic traits.  Secondly, it was overwhelming to get so many messages per day.  Third it […]

Eugenia Shea Gives Back to the People That Make Their Products Possible

This is the story of Naa-Sakle Akuete A woman who had a career in finance before she ventured into entrepreneurship. It was in the spring of 2015 that Akuete initially introduced her line of shea butter cream to the world. This was about a year after officially founding the company along with the help of […]

Zoosking part deux

Urban Slang:  ADOS (Attention Deficit. Oh Shiny!!!) In the land of dating strangers, we all look at the pictures first right ladies?  That was covered last week, so this week I am going to RANT.  GUYS if any of you are reading this, you are looking for equality.  But life is not fair and there […]

The reason I haven’t been posting

  This 67 year old blogger decided that beginning to date again would be a good thing , so when Bachelor #1 invited me to go ice skating the day before I was supposed to visit Zippy Sandler from Champagne Living I thought “WHY NOT.” Needless to say, my judgement was impaired that day as my […]

Zoosking in Salt Lake City

Yes. I decided to take the leap and try online dating. Why?  I am not getting any younger and I really want a quality relationship with a man my age.  Also, I will be honest: online dating is something I found intimidating and I thought my readers might want to hear about my foibles and […]

3 benefits of smiling

My mother used to tell me that a smile is just a frown turned upside down. That would always bring a smile to my face because I could picture someone twisting my lips and the laughter would begin. According to the Consumer Guide to Dentistry there are eight different components of a smile, practically from […]