TV Reviews: Accidentally on Purpose

The Broads had the opportunity to get a sneak peak at some hot new shows coming to CBS this Fall and well…you KNOW we have a thing or two to say about them. So, sit back, grab yourself a Mojito and let’s take a look into the newest comedy starring Jenna Elfman. Accidentally on Purpose […]

Gadget Reviews & Beta Test: Yes, Video

I’m a little late on the spring cleaning, seeing that it’s already the end of the summer – but, that’s typical of me. While going through a box that I hadn’t opened in YEARS (I could tell how long because the dust layers were SO deep that I could barely tell what was in it) […]

Music Reviews – New Again

Hello Emo…… I was recently sent New Again by Taking Back Sunday for review from their PR agency. Since it’s been a few years since their last CD release, I was curious as to what direction this band had taken. New Again comes across as good solid music that will appeal to a younger audience. […]

Music Reviews: Gallery – Dion Roy

There are times when I get so much enjoyment from popping a CD into the player in my car and singing at the top of my lungs. There are other times when I just want the music to take me away. Dion Roy’s breakout first CD, “Gallery” is the a bit of the latter. With […]

Music Reviews – “Take Me Anywhere”

Take Me Anywhereby: Marcus Goldhaber I am not a jazz connoisseur, so bear with me! When I listened to Marcus Goldhaber’s newest CD, “Take Me Anywhere” I found myself in my mind’s eye sitting a spotlit piano bar, dimly lit lights, cast over linen tablecloths, glass on wine in hand, staring into the eyes of […]

Music Reviews: Bible Belt – Diane Birch

You’ll rarely see CD reviews here on Champagne Living. The reason is, that I can’t STOMACH much of the garbage that I’m sent to listen to, that I never make it through the entire CD. Most of them make better coasters to put under my chardonnay. The exception has been Bible Belt by singer/songwriter Diane […]


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