8 Tips for Women Alone at Night

Walking into Dark Shadows: 8 Tips for Women Alone at Night I now live in a huge apartment complex with a downstairs garage.  Making that nighttime trip down to my car is scary – the lighting is there but the illumination is not enough to see those scary people hiding under my car!  I want […]

FROSCH – Germany’s Leading Eco Friendly House Cleaning Products

It’s a Dirty Job but Someone’s Got to Do It   I am a cleaning freak.  I am not on the OCD scale, but close.  I like my bathroom to sparkle like newly cleaned teeth, I like my sink to smell like roses.  And I am constantly collecting cleaning products to test them out.  I […]

Clem is a Chewy treat greeter

We received product in exchange for our honest review and no compensation other than the product was given. Clem is on his way to being a Treat Greeter! This month he’s been on cloud nine with his treats from Chewy. Our second treat choice was from FROMM, a family company based in Wisconsin. This fifth generation […]

CLEM the Dachshund finds a Natural Balance

We received product in exchange for our honest review and no compensation other than the product was given.Clem is my 9 year old long haired dachshund and he is a connoisseur of dog treats.  Since Clem has always been fed raw, he searches for and appreciates only the BEST real meat and ingredient treats all […]

Between the Sheets – GhostBed Mattress Review

We received this product to review. All opinions are strictly our own. ONCE UPON A MATTRESS… We lived in foreign countries when I was small, without access to libraries or toy stores, so my parents bought us books.  Every night my parents read bedtime stories to us, with The Princess and the Pea being my […]

Pet products: Petsmile

IT’S NATIONAL PET MONTH!  I’m ON IT with PETSMILE pet toothpaste WHAT? You smirk…that Review Broad is BRUSHING HER DOG’S TEETH?  NO NO NO wwith PETSMILE I don’ have to brush Clem’s teeth!  Did you know that I have NEVER had to give Clem a veterinarian’s dental because at 9 his teeth are pristine!  That […]

Zukes, my dachshund and me

Clem the Dachshund received a free box of Zukes treats to facilitate this post. All opinions are his and Broad A’s. Where is my favorite spot in Colorado?  Durango!  Why? Zukes Dog Treats Lives There!!! Since  1998, when the company was started by Patrick and his dog Zuke,  I have given all of my dogs […]

Review: Perfect Fit Serta electric blanket

 Utah is Freezing!  I Need an Electric Blanket!!! And Perfect Fit Industries Came to My Rescue. I needed an electric blanket.  My old one, heavy and cumbersome, worked well until I washed it several times.  It was too hot for comfort even at a low level. It was UGLY with large wires underneath the covering.  […]

7 smart ways to use your phone camera when traveling

I am a #VZWBuzz Ambassador, as such I have or will receive product &/or compensation, however all opinions are strictly my own. Sure you use your phone to take kitty and puppy pictures. You snap that beautiful beach photo and post it immediately to instagram. That dinner you made came out PERFECTLY, so you capture […]

Bamboo Comforters

How Bamboo Comforters Make the Perfect Health Bedding There are a number of reasons why organic has become the buzzword today. From clothes to food to furniture and bedding – everything makes use of organic substances like bamboo and silk. The fact of the matter is that sustainability is now becoming a necessity. Therefore, chemicals […]

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