CHEWY.COM THAT IS!! Clem although male is quite the diva when it comes to good food!  He is no vegan; au contraire, he suffers only the best raw venison, wild caught salmon, ahi ahi au rare, and various and sundry treats, all coming from  Clem knows that carries all the best dog treats, […]

Mattress review: Hula Bedding Company

HULA BEDDING COMPANY THIS PRINCESS FINALLY REMOVED THE PEA Every morning for the past five years I have woken up with a sore back and legs.  I assumed it was because I am aging although I am extremely active.  It never occurred to me that it was because I had been sleeping on a twelve […]

It’s a Dog Day for Clem – With The Honest Kitchen’s BONE BROTH

 The Honest Kitchen’s BONE BROTH With summer coming, Clem has so much fun outside that he forgets to drink water. He eats a raw diet so drinking water has always been a problem for us. So when summer comes with heat and dehydration, I go to my Bestie dog food and supplement source – all […]

EBay and the Vacuum of My Dreams

NOTE: This post has been sponsored by eBay, and we received the product reviewed. This post also includes affiliates links. Dyson DC50 Animal It finally happened.  One day my OLD vacuum broke. So what you say? Happens all the time.  BUT YOU DO NOT OBVIOUSLY UNDERSTAND! I have OCD, live with a long haired dachshund, […]


BEAMS & NUZZLES The Honest Kitchen Serves Up the Best Treat Fest I am one of those people who believe that what we eat is what we are, and I do not believe that is just for humines!!  I believe it is for other creatures also, especially our dogs and cats.  One of my favorite […]

Home Decor from Tivelasi Pottery

Tivelasi Pottery Handmade Bulgarian Pottery When I was young, around six, we lived in Turkey and flew to Greece often.  My mother collected Greek pottery and that meant many trips a year.  I found that I loved the handmade quality of lovely pottery and the dusky colors were so unusual. So I always look at […]

8 Tips for Women Alone at Night

Walking into Dark Shadows: 8 Tips for Women Alone at Night I now live in a huge apartment complex with a downstairs garage.  Making that nighttime trip down to my car is scary – the lighting is there but the illumination is not enough to see those scary people hiding under my car!  I want […]

FROSCH – Germany’s Leading Eco Friendly House Cleaning Products

It’s a Dirty Job but Someone’s Got to Do It   I am a cleaning freak.  I am not on the OCD scale, but close.  I like my bathroom to sparkle like newly cleaned teeth, I like my sink to smell like roses.  And I am constantly collecting cleaning products to test them out.  I […]

Clem is a Chewy treat greeter

We received product in exchange for our honest review and no compensation other than the product was given. Clem is on his way to being a Treat Greeter! This month he’s been on cloud nine with his treats from Chewy. Our second treat choice was from FROMM, a family company based in Wisconsin. This fifth generation […]

CLEM the Dachshund finds a Natural Balance

We received product in exchange for our honest review and no compensation other than the product was given.Clem is my 9 year old long haired dachshund and he is a connoisseur of dog treats.  Since Clem has always been fed raw, he searches for and appreciates only the BEST real meat and ingredient treats all […]