GIRLS NIGHT OUT card game Hilarious and risqué start to any girls’ night out! Wedding?  Bachelorette party?  Or Friday Night Girls Night Out?  PLAY the New Pre-Game Girls Night Out card game! I am always looking for games for my girlfriends and I to play and we all love card games.  Cardsforallpeople has come up […]

Getting sleep in the back of a camper – Airospa Pillow

I received a pillow to try out for this review. All opinions are strictly my own. AIROSPA PILLOW a face down pillow for massage, spa and an aroma therapy or travel pillow all in one! I have been traveling a lot lately and sleeping in the back of a  camper up in the highlands of […]

Moving To Torrance? 5 Things To Do Beforehand

Located less than 30 minutes from Los Angeles, Torrance is home to tons of sand and surf, and the locals love riding the waves. This Southern California abode is the ideal spot to live with schools, businesses and activity around every corner. If that isn’t enough, you have the option of taking a short commute […]

Can’t Sleep — Poor Maiden, Don’t Weep!  Snuggle-Pedic Kool-Flow Pillow is NOW ADJUSTABLE!!!           

Disclosure: We received product to facilitate this review. All opinions are strictly our own. Alas poor Maiden do not weep! There hast a solution to make thee sleep. A strong and powerful magic Willow In the SHAPE of a Snuggle-Pedic PILLOW! PILLOWS are powerful.  They offer comfort for pain management and a place to lay […]

Wildflowers, Love Letters and a Man on the Mountain

As you all know, the first part of the year (February until June) I was searching for love as a Baby Boomer attempting Online Dating. We all know how that turned out (1.  I didn’t stay with it long enough to really meet the Right One) and 2.  It was not the right venue for […]

Goin’ on a Bear Hunt….Camping and Cuddling in the Uintahs

You can’t go over it  You cant go under it  You cant go around it  You have to go through it Y’all know that I have tried online dating in the Search for Mister Right Enough.  That didn’t work for me as I only tried it for a few months.  So when a friend of […]

ON A MISSION to Clean America One Polly at a time!

I am a clean freak – sometimes.  Since Clem the Dachshund sheds, and since I live in a 9th floor high rise, I have accepted that dust and dirt are my always companions.  But Clem is allergic to dust, so I clean as often as I can, realizing that the harsh chemicals are not helping […]

Rabble Rousing – Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying

So, what to do when we are walking down the hallway and one of our acquaintances stops you and says, “Oh did you get your hair done?  I thought it looked better going grey.”  I call this Getting Down Dirty and Snarky.  And it happens all the time, as we go about our lives.  Often […]

Clem’s Best of November

The items in this post have been supplied by All opinions are strictly our own. is Clem’s Christmas! Clem refuses to brave snowy streets for his treats … he goes online to Chewy for dinner in the winter – treats in the fall – and all year round!  This year, he dressed in his […]

The Honest Kitchen Does Treats instead of Tricks!

And Clem loves his newest treat Nice Mussels They look like mussels – they taste like mussels – by golly these are REAL human grade freeze dried green and blue mussels – and CLEM LOVES THEM!  I too love The Honest Kitchen for human grade raw dog food, dehydrated and freeze dried.  Clem has eaten […]

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