Goin’ on a Bear Hunt….Camping and Cuddling in the Uintahs

You can’t go over it  You cant go under it  You cant go around it  You have to go through it Y’all know that I have tried online dating in the Search for Mister Right Enough.  That didn’t work for me as I only tried it for a few months.  So when a friend of […]

ON A MISSION to Clean America One Polly at a time!

I am a clean freak – sometimes.  Since Clem the Dachshund sheds, and since I live in a 9th floor high rise, I have accepted that dust and dirt are my always companions.  But Clem is allergic to dust, so I clean as often as I can, realizing that the harsh chemicals are not helping […]

Rabble Rousing – Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying

So, what to do when we are walking down the hallway and one of our acquaintances stops you and says, “Oh did you get your hair done?  I thought it looked better going grey.”  I call this Getting Down Dirty and Snarky.  And it happens all the time, as we go about our lives.  Often […]

New Pet Products that are LUMINOUS!!

5 STARS to Whisper Pet Odor Eliminator Spray I have a dachshund as you all know, and Clem has never allowed himself to follow the rules.  He pees on occasion – and I have no idea why.  So I need a product that keeps me from having to pay for apartment carpets every time I […]

Chewy.com Introduces Tylee’s Cooked Human Grade Dog Food

Sponsored: Ava received Tylee’s product for review from Chewy.com. All opinions are those of the reviewer. There is an intricate bond between pets and their people. We find in our pets the comfort and love and companionship that we sometimes lose in the matter of living life and this bond requires our utmost attention to […]

Honestly Joyful Jerky

We received product from The Honest Kitchen to give our honest review. All opinions are strictly our own. Joyful Jerky Filets  I have been using The Honest Kitchen since Lucy Postins started the company in 2002 in her kitchen.  A dog food company using  HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS was a first. What Does Human Grade mean? […]

CHEWY.COM for all Your Pets’ Needs

We received product to facilitate this post. All opinions are strictly our own. What’s as fast as a speeding bullet and has superstar super pet billing? Clem, my dachshund, and I are high rollers – in food and treats that is!  We demand the very best in ingredients, manufacturers (no recalls for this duo): Clem […]

Clem’s Best of November

The items in this post have been supplied by Chewy.com. All opinions are strictly our own. Chewy.com is Clem’s Christmas! Clem refuses to brave snowy streets for his treats … he goes online to Chewy for dinner in the winter – treats in the fall – and all year round!  This year, he dressed in his […]

The Honest Kitchen Does Treats instead of Tricks!

And Clem loves his newest treat Nice Mussels They look like mussels – they taste like mussels – by golly these are REAL human grade freeze dried green and blue mussels – and CLEM LOVES THEM!  I too love The Honest Kitchen for human grade raw dog food, dehydrated and freeze dried.  Clem has eaten […]


Charlie and Spike’s Wag Swag Harness It’s a DIVA/ MANDOG fashionable and comfy dog harness (with change up fronts – how cool is that?) Dog fashion is a debatable topic in that we all want our dogs to be comfortable and yet we want to “dress them up” too!  The perfect solution – the Charlie and […]