Site Reviews & Giveways: Jomashop – Coach

I doing a little browsing for a gift for a friend of mine who is has a VERY BIG birthday coming up. She’d be a little upset with me if I told her age (just in case someone can figure out who it is), so let’s say she’s having an IMPORTANT birthday (and aren’t they […]

Shopping Reviews & Giveaways: TJ Maxx & Marshall’s

Recently TJ Maxx and Marshall’s let the Broads LOOSE in their stores. Armed with a $25 gift card each we challenged ourselves to find the PERFECT outfit without stepping foot in one of those expensive Mall Stores and stay within the budget. Broad A: OOOOH, how I love TJ MAXX. It’s school time again – […]

Beauty Reviews and Giveaways: Skin Free

Broad A: I am an organic girl! So when Z and I decided to review the SkinFree products I was thrilled. Broad Z: Well, as you know I’ve already reviewed Skin Free on Champagne Living, so I was already excited about Skin Free as well. Unlike you A, I’m not the organic girl. I’d be […]

Beauty Reviews: Retro Razor

When I received my new razor to review from Retro Razor I was a little wary. I tend to be a little klutzy and I had visions of pieces of tissue dotting my entire legs. Living in South Florida it’s important that I have a good razor as I spend year round either in a […]

Jewelry Reviews: Wear Your Music

Like most people, I usually like to LISTEN to my music. Musician’s like the great Eric Clapton, Bela Fleck (who’d ever think that I’d like BANJO playing), Bonnie Raitt and more. So, why am I WEARING MY MUSIC????? I was a little curious about a company called Wear Your Music, and I got very excited […]