Beauty Reviews: Thevi Cosmetics

THEVI Cosmetics Am I glamorous? Not really, although I tend to talk the talk sometimes. Am I a plain Jane? Definitely not, I like looking good (whatever that means at the moment). So, what am I? I suppose I’m a lot like most of you. I probably spend an average amount of time each day, […]

Beauty, Toy & Giveaway Review: Piggy Paint

PIGGY PAINT Piggy Paint is a nail polish that is completely water based and natural – no chemical toxins. It goes on in seconds and dries fast and the colors and texture is completely COOL. Their non-acetone non-chemical based nail polish remover is safe for children to use. SAFE is the word I would present […]

Beauty Reviews & Giveaway – SIRJJ Organics

SIRJJ ORGANICS Broad A: I’m an organic type of *ahem* girl. I enjoy using natural products not only around the house, but also on my skin, so I was very excited to receive Acai Berry Day Cream SPF 10. Broad Z: Well, I wasn’t going to take part in this review, mostly because I’m not […]

Beauty Reviews & Giveaway: Sweetly You

When the stress hits and you need something to slow you down that’s nice and calming – there’s nothing like taking a BUBBLE BATH. If you know me, you know that lately I’d been dealing with a hubby in the hospital (and the worry that goes along with it) over the past few weeks. Thankfully […]

Fashion Reviews & Giveaway: Avon Topaz Color Statement Necklace

One thing that I’ve always believed is that you don’t have to break the bank to be fashionable. Just ask some of the MAJOR fashionistas. I’m one of those who subscribe to the Cheap and Chic lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I have a closet that’s as diverse as they come. What makes it so […]

Beauty Reviews & Giveaways: Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towlettes

I’m so glad that this is not one of those reviews that I have to do with Broad “A” because I’d catch hell from her when I make this admission. I HATE TO TAKE MY MAKEUP OFF BEFORE GOING TO BED. Why? I’m Lazy, plain and simple. I get comfy and watch television or read […]

Site Reviews & Giveways: Jomashop – Coach

I doing a little browsing for a gift for a friend of mine who is has a VERY BIG birthday coming up. She’d be a little upset with me if I told her age (just in case someone can figure out who it is), so let’s say she’s having an IMPORTANT birthday (and aren’t they […]

Shopping Reviews & Giveaways: TJ Maxx & Marshall’s

Recently TJ Maxx and Marshall’s let the Broads LOOSE in their stores. Armed with a $25 gift card each we challenged ourselves to find the PERFECT outfit without stepping foot in one of those expensive Mall Stores and stay within the budget. Broad A: OOOOH, how I love TJ MAXX. It’s school time again – […]

Beauty Reviews and Giveaways: Skin Free

Broad A: I am an organic girl! So when Z and I decided to review the SkinFree products I was thrilled. Broad Z: Well, as you know I’ve already reviewed Skin Free on Champagne Living, so I was already excited about Skin Free as well. Unlike you A, I’m not the organic girl. I’d be […]

Beauty Reviews: Retro Razor

When I received my new razor to review from Retro Razor I was a little wary. I tend to be a little klutzy and I had visions of pieces of tissue dotting my entire legs. Living in South Florida it’s important that I have a good razor as I spend year round either in a […]

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