The Review Broads walk a mile in JAMBU SHOES

JAMBU from WALKAPEDIA online JAMBUKING  – Jam-bo/ok-ing (verb, gerund or present participle) “According to our sources, the rainforest originally inspired Jambu. Through wind, water, every terrain, every moment. Turning comfort into joy, everyday experiences into adventures. Still, Jambu is a brand that knows where it is going by never forgetting where it began. In Jambu, every […]

Got a Boo Boo? Try ZIM’S Max Freeze Patches

I’m at the age when I get aches and pains over the smallest things, and when I hike, which I love, in the mountains, I want something that I can carry in my backpack for stings and bruises.  I want something I can get over the counter and not have to wait in line at […]

THE BEST and the BRIGHTEST in Homemade Soaps

Giving Soaps I just opened the COOLEST package.  BEFORE I OPENED the COOLEST package, the scent of lavender and honey and all sorts of great smells escaped into my living room from the box itself.  WOW! I have a soap fetish.  My soap fetish is rather particular in that I will only review and use […]

Five Ways to Get Your Zen On!

We all need a little down time now and then. While I was thinking of the different ways that I get my ZEN on, I realized that we all have different ways to deccompress. Here are my FAVE FIVE ways to get MY Zen on 1. CDs! Yes, CDs!  Mine come from Brainwave Entertainment Music, […]

Antiquity BC – soaps that are absolutely vibrant and natural

I love being a reviewer … I love reviewing product that sends me to the moon and back!  These soaps felt like I was on top of the Great Pyramids and was having a spa day!  Well, that might be a tad dramatic but ooh…how I loved these all natural beautiful soaps.  I received the […]

June is Scleroderma Awareness Month

“This post was sponsored by Scleroderma as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.” TIME TO HELP!   When my son, Ben, was born, he was in the hospital for months at a time.  When we brought him home, he was in a tented crib and we had to remove all carpets and anything […]

Review: PlushMoji slippers

PLUSH MOJI POOP EMOTICON SLIPPERS  Well. Well. Well… These slippers are wonderful … for a joke or to make a point. But the comfort level was not there and they did not fit well. The heel has about ½ inch of fleece cover over foam and my foot did slip out easily. I would say […]

Feel Good Sterling from SOUFEEL

SOUFEEL  My Feel Good Sterling Silver Jewelry I went for a ride, ended up at the Mall.  Fashion Place Mall.  I walked into the famous silver bracelet and charm store.  I walked out with a little silver bracelet and 4 charms.  I looked at my receipt.  $564.00.  I looked at my receipt again.  I looked […]

Elite Serum is My Go To Wrinkler Wonder Fixer!

We received product to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of the reviewer. Elite Serum Rx Eye Care Yes, I have reviewed Elite Serum before because it is my keeper for eye wrinkles! As I age (yikes Review Broads don’t age they just mellow!) I start feeling like a pickle around the eyes. So […]

Review: Shielo Intensive Hair Mask

MY HAIR IS FRIZZY! Run …don’t walk …to SHIELO INTENSIVE HAIR MASK RESTORE (restructures, repairs and hydrates damaged hair) Yes, I am always complaining about my hair.  Sometimes, it is soft and sweet and luxuriant.  But OTHER times, my hair looks like a nest.  I have a superb hairdresser.  I get my hair done every […]

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