Book Reviews & Giveaways: 1-2-3…Get Organized

Anyone who knew me pre-retirement will tell you that I was NEVER very organized. I seemed to get things done, but it was usually in a very Last minute Oh, I have nothing to wear (I’ll just iron the dirty shirt) That’s tonight? Wait, I’ll toss the dirty clothes in the closet, companies coming. kind […]

Book Reviews & Giveaway: Mortal Friends

Mortal FriendsAuthor: Jane Stanton Hitchcock This novel is a killer of a book. Step into Washington, D.C. politics, and the elite social life through the eyes of Reven Lynch and her oldest prep school friend, Violet Bolton. Reven and Violet, as well as the rest of Washington, are horrified when the body of a young […]

Interview with the author: David Rosenfelt

David Rosenfelt gets to interview his own eponymous creation – the hilarious attorney Andy Carpenter, who takes center stage once more in New Tricks! You can read the review that Broad “A” wrote about “New Tricks” earlier this month. David Rosenfelt: I’m talking with defense attorney Andy Carpenter, main character in seven of my novels. […]

Interview with the author: Kristin Harmel

Q: Your new book Italian for Beginners is about a woman who finds herself alone in Rome. Did you travel to Italy for research? A: I’ve spent some time in Italy in the past, and it completely captured my heart. I lived in Paris several years ago, and during that time, I traveled down to […]

Book Reviews & Giveaways: Bo’s Cafe

Bo’s Café Authors: John Lynch, Bill Thrall & Bruce McNicol When I first opened “Bo’s Cafe”, I thought “oops – this one goes to Broad Z!” Zippy reviews self-help books. And I started reading anyway. The story of Steven and Lindsey Kernen, Andy Monroe, with the restored Buick Electra, and the folks at Bo’s Cafe […]

Book Reviews & Giveaways: Alex Cross’s Trial

Alex Cross’s TRIAL Authors: James Patterson and Richard Dilallo All of you who have read the Alex Cross series by James Patterson know Nana-Mama – Alex’s grandmother who watches over Alex and his children. This novel explores Nana-Mamas story of the Cross’s great-uncle, Abraham Cross and his friend, Ben Corbett. Set in the early 1900’s, […]

Book Reviews & Giveaways – The Murder of King Tut

The Murder of King Tut: The Plot to Kill the Child King – A Nonfiction Thriller Authors: James Patterson and Martin Dugard Every king has to fall from his throne and I am a teensy (meaning: less than tiny) bit disappointed in James Patterson and Martin Dugard’s “The Murder of King Tut.” Patterson repeatedly writes […]

Book Reviews & Giveaways – Amigoland

Amigoland Author: Oscar Casares In this first novel by Iowa Writer’s Workshop graduate Oscar Casares, we experience precise technique with wonderful content. The combination of well-honed writing skills and the theme of fragmentation and loss of families in this novel proves unbeatable. The story of two brothers, Don Fidencio Rosales and Don Celestino Rosales collides […]

Back to School Reviews & Giveaways: Carolina Pad

There’s something about the start of the school year that brings out the fashion savvy in everyone. As we’re doing our back to school shopping, whether it be for your son’s first day of kindergarten, your daughter’s sophomore year in high school or like me, my son going back to college we find ourselves looking […]

Book Reviews & Giveaways – The Lace Makers of Glenmara

The Lace Makers of Glenmara Author: Heather Barbieri This novel, set in Ireland, is like the Blarney Stone. Instead of myth, however, it carries the tempestuous and poignant lives of kate, Bernie, Aileen, Mira, Oona and Colleen. Kate, the American traveler, walks around Ireland until she can walk no more. She ends up in the […]

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