Book Reviews & Giveaway: Feelin’ the Vibe

Feelin’ the Vibe Author: Candace Dow Candice Dow reminded me of Danielle Steele in her approach to her novels. This is a good, fast read. Devin Patterson is a black man on the rise. He is trying for the Congressional seat for Maryland and he has his parents money, charm, good looks and charisma to […]

Book Reviews & Giveaway – The Last Song

The Last Song Author: Nicholas Sparks Nicholas Sparks is one of the great fiction writers of love stories of our time. Not because he uses big words, or tries to impress you. He uses quiet and tender prose and traps emotion and lends it to his readers with genuine feeling. Like Man O’ War, he […]

Book Reviews & Giveaway: The Palace of Strange Girls

The Palace of Strange Girls Author: Sallie Day Sallie Day’s talent shimmers throughout “The Palace of Strange Girls.” Blackpool, England, 1959. The resort town embraces the Singletonfamily, Jack, Ruth, 16 year-old Helen and 7 year-old Beth, holiday visitors. Beth recovers slowly from heart surgery and amuses herselfwith her I-Spy at the Seaside workbook. Helen rebels […]

Book Reviews & Giveaways: Tidings of Great Boys

Tidings of Great Boys: An All About Us Novel Author: Shelley Adina “Tidings of Great Boys” features 17-year-old Lady Lindsay Eithne MacPhail (Mac to her friends) and is a delight of a novel. Mac, the daughter of the Scottish earl of Straithcairn and his divorced wife, the countess, has a few ulterior motives when she […]

Book Reviews & Giveaway: Sleepless Nights

Sleepless NightsAuthor: Sarah Bilston Facts – Pregnancy is not all it’s cracked up to be. Motherhood isn’t necessarily easy. All families have issues. Quinn and Tom Boothroyd have just realized they’re in over their heads, as all of us do when we have our first child. The difference is that Quinn doesn’t have the family […]

Book Reviews & Giveaways: Educating Esme

Educating Esmé: Diary of a Teacher’s First Year Author: Esme Raji Codell “Educating Esme” is a sheer delight! As Madame Esme, a 24 year old teacher starts her first year as a fifth grade inner-city teacher in Chicago, she keeps a detailed and personal diary. The diary is the book. Esme’s honesty and acerbic wit, […]

Book Reviews & Giveaway – Evenings at the Argentine Club

Evenings at the Argentine ClubAuthor: Julia Amante Evenings at the Argentine Club prove the cement that binds immigrants Victor and Jaqueline Torres and Lucia and Antonio Ortello together. Both families emigrated from Argentina to create better lives for their children. The Torres family has two daughters, Victoria and Carmen. The Antonio family has one son, […]

Book Reviews & Giveaways: 1-2-3…Get Organized

Anyone who knew me pre-retirement will tell you that I was NEVER very organized. I seemed to get things done, but it was usually in a very Last minute Oh, I have nothing to wear (I’ll just iron the dirty shirt) That’s tonight? Wait, I’ll toss the dirty clothes in the closet, companies coming. kind […]

Book Reviews & Giveaway: Mortal Friends

Mortal FriendsAuthor: Jane Stanton Hitchcock This novel is a killer of a book. Step into Washington, D.C. politics, and the elite social life through the eyes of Reven Lynch and her oldest prep school friend, Violet Bolton. Reven and Violet, as well as the rest of Washington, are horrified when the body of a young […]

Interview with the author: David Rosenfelt

David Rosenfelt gets to interview his own eponymous creation – the hilarious attorney Andy Carpenter, who takes center stage once more in New Tricks! You can read the review that Broad “A” wrote about “New Tricks” earlier this month. David Rosenfelt: I’m talking with defense attorney Andy Carpenter, main character in seven of my novels. […]

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