City of Thorns – book review

City of Thorns Author: Ben Rawlence In City of Thorns, a new book in real-time about the lives of nine refugees in the Dedaab Refugee Camp in Northern Kenya for Somalian and other refugees, Ben Rawlence performs the impossible.  Instead of sighing and saying oh who cares? Rawlence steers our attention where our hearts should […]

Book review: The Nowhere Man

The Nowhere Man  (An Orphan X Novel) Author: Gregg Hurwitz   Jason Bourne’s balls and brawn, James Patterson’s staccato chapters that rip through a novel, and with an orphaned hero-assassin with a big heart, The Nowhere Man by Gregg Hurwitz assures an on the edge performance that strikes like a fully loaded clip on an automatic […]

Book review: Only the Animals

Only the Animals Author: Ceridwen Dovey To anthropomorphize or Not to anthropomorphize?  Ceridwen Dovey’s novel, Only the Animals, is a collection of very clever short stories with animal narrators. Each animal narrator is owned by a famous person in history that has been famous for talent and goodness (Tolstoy) or evil (Hitler) or the animal […]

Review: The Big Green Tent

The Big Green Tent  Author: Luidmila Ulitskaya(Translated from Russion by Polly Gannon) Sloughing through a Cold War, The Big Green Tent combines a sweeping tale of three Russian friends from Moscow with a panorama of the politics, ethics, literature and Russian experience as the characters all wind their way through childhood, school and adulthood.  The […]

Book review: The Crooked House

The Crooked House Author: Christobel Kent Creepy, incestuous atmosphere spun to perfection, skewed characters that run true, a crooked house that seals the deal, and a bent horizon thrust Kent’s characters into a plot so thick and gooey that this novel stalks each reader with a brilliance that terrifies.  Brutal, somewhat gothic, narrowly noir, and […]

Book review: Law and Disorder

Law and Disorder Author: Mike Papantonio I believe this is a debut novel for Mike Papantonio – although it reads like a polished, fast paced thriller; a well and thickly plotted thriller. Attorney Nick Deketomis – Deke to all who know him – is a famous and successful mass tort lawyer; he fights big corporations […]

Children’s Books That Tickle The Review Broads’ Fancy

Blue and Red Make Purple a musical journey with Jennifer Gasoi I love music and I generally buy children’s books for my nieces and nephews that have CDs that go along with the story and illustrations.  Blue and Red Make Purple is a wonderfully colorful picture book (illustrated by Steve Adams with charming illustrations) that […]

A review of: America the Anxious

America the Anxious Author: Ruth Whippman Stop watching the elections – and read America the Anxious!  An outstanding revelation of how Emoticon America seeks happiness, America the Anxious is a stunning representation of how we as Americans have passed the Ugly American stage of 1958, (a study on political self-absorption whilst in Southern Asia by […]

Infamy – a review

Infamy Author: Robert Tanenbaum Not many book reviews begin with:  the author is an ex-Assistant DA and he never lost a felony case in his career.  What kind of book might he write? Well, in the case of Infamy, one hell of a “badass” novel.  Once again, NY District Attorney Roger “Butch” Karp joins with […]

The Candidate – a book review

The Candidate Author: Lis Wiehl with Sebastian Stuartt The Newsmakers hit the spot with The Review Broads, so when I began The Candidate I was hot on the trail of Erica Sparks, San Francisco’s GNN investigative journalist superlative.  The second novel in the series, The Candidate is well disposed with crime and adventure as Wiehl ramps […]