Infamy – a review

Infamy Author: Robert Tanenbaum Not many book reviews begin with:  the author is an ex-Assistant DA and he never lost a felony case in his career.  What kind of book might he write? Well, in the case of Infamy, one hell of a “badass” novel.  Once again, NY District Attorney Roger “Butch” Karp joins with […]

The Candidate – a book review

The Candidate Author: Lis Wiehl with Sebastian Stuartt The Newsmakers hit the spot with The Review Broads, so when I began The Candidate I was hot on the trail of Erica Sparks, San Francisco’s GNN investigative journalist superlative.  The second novel in the series, The Candidate is well disposed with crime and adventure as Wiehl ramps […]

The Fall of Heaven – a review

The Fall of Heaven Author: Andrew Scott Cooper Passionate, intimate, reflective, historically accurate, The Fall of Heaven by Andrew Scott Cooper presents the rise and fall of the Pahlavi Dynasty (1919-1980) -, and the last shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and his wife, Empress Farah.  Like many readers, I have kept myself uninformed about the […]

Getting the best from my internet

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CenturyLink . The opinions and text are all mine. As a baby boomer, a grandmother, and a blogger, the internet is not only essential to my business, but it serves as the portal to my grandchildren’s education, grades, interests and homework.  A good internet […]

Friend of the Devil – a review

Friend of the Devil Author: Mark Spivak Friend of the Devil reverberates in a tightrope act between a world class chef, and a news journalist thrust into a labyrinthine plot of good versus evil – and everything in between. Mississippi, Clarksdale 1947.  Backwoods town.  Deep in the country.  Shanty cabin with Black family.  Enter a […]

A BABYBOOMER’S MIRACLE: Zim®’s MAX Arnica Homeopathic Medicine

Zim®’s MAX Arnica Homeopathic Medicine Homeopathic for bruises and strains Ah yes, I love an herbal remedy!  Don’t you?  I have used arnica for years, both on my pets and myself, and I love Zim®’s brand because it also contains natural arnica montana1X (8%) AS WELL AS Aloe 3X, both well-known natural homeopathic remedies for […]

Present the world to your kids: The Spectacular World of Waldorf

The Spectacular World of Waldorf Series of Children’s Books Authors: Barbara Terry and Beth Ann Stifflemire I love a good children’s book, and a good children’s’ series of books is even better.  In this Waldorf series, the authors introduce Waldorf, an adorable Labrador retriever who takes a turn out and about.  The four titles in […]

Bedlam’s Door – a review

Bedlam’s Door (True Tales of Madness and Hope) Author: Mark Rubinstein, MD Well, I don’t need to look further than my neighbors for some of these stories, but I still love a good read on mental illness.  I myself suffer from severe depression, and I am always interested in good books that tell it like […]

The Muse – a review

The Muse Author: Jessie Burton I loved The Miniaturist, Burton’s break out novel, and when I was offered a review copy of her new book, The Muse I couldn’t wait to get my eyes on it.  And Jessie Burton does not disappoint. With her crisp, intelligent prose, Jessie Burton’s protagonists, Odelle Bastien  and Margaret Quick […]

It’s time to RETHINK WATER

RETHINK WATER The new alternative to Plastic Bottled Water! Saving our environment one product and one day at a time is what we are all trying to do.  I so support companies who are insistent on saving the planet with packaging that does not hurt the environment or its animals.  So when I came across […]