A Murder over a Girl – book review

A Murder over a Girl Justice, Gender, Junior High Author: Ken Corbett Successfully and unsuccessfully, much like the murder trial itself, A Murder over a Girl by Ken Corbett (Clinical Assistant Professor at the New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy) depicts both reality and stereotypes in its prose and salient facts of […]

Book Review: The Lonely City

The Lonely City  (Adventures in the Art of Being Alone) Author: Olivia Laing So what is urban solitude?  Why is loneliness such a difficult state to express? In The Lonely City, Laing presents the outliers of isolation; those people who were able to express their internal state of loneliness through art and writing; some of the […]

Book review of: The Outer Cape

We received a copy of this book for our review. All opinions are those of the reviewer. The Outer Cape Author: Patrick Dacey A novel comprised of one working class family and their two sons, The Outer Cape sets itself in the fictional town of Wequaquet, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.  Robert and Irene Kelly began […]

Book review: Shelter

Shelter Author: Jung Yun Harper’s Bazaar Hottest Breakout Novel, BuzzFeed Best Literary Debut 2016   Stark and effluvial, dramatic and off-putting, Shelter demands a visceral response in its panorama of family violence and terror in the two generational Korean Cho family.  Jin Cho, the family patriarch, is ubiquitous in terrorizing his wife Mae and young […]

Book review: Mangrove Lightning

Mangrove Lightning Author: Randy Wayne White Conch Republic Prize for Literature, as well as the John D. Macdonald Award for Literary Excellency, Florida Literary Legend by the Florida Heritage Society; one of only four writers named as an Editor At Large by prestigious Outside magazine (Jon Krakauer, Hampton Sides and Tim Cahill are the others) […]

Two Great Books to Change Your Life for the Good – Better – Best

Self Help in Your Life and in Your Career Finding Your Ruby Slippers – Transformative Life Lessons from the Therapist’s Couch Author: Lisa Ferentz Lord knows I have spent much of my life conferring with therapists and I have always considered it the biggest gift I can give myself: a way to learn about myself and […]

Book review: The Heart by French author Maylis de Kerangal

The Heart by French author Maylis de Kerangal translated by Sam Taylor Thump. Thump. Thump.  In 24 hours, this heart will belong to another human being. The 19 year old teenager who owned it has been announced brain dead and his distraught and shocked parents are giving up his organs.  Simon Limbres and his three […]

Book review: The North Water

The North Water Author: Ian McGuire Taut and tensile, The North Water splashes into the sea of pain and gore of the whaling ships and men that poured their muscle and brawn into the harpoons of yesteryear.  Reminiscent of Moby Dick and Old Man and the Sea, McGuire casts the same melancholy harsh brutality into […]

Book review: No One Can Pronounce My Name

No One Can Pronounce My Name Author: Rakesh Satyal The loveliest of novels, No One Can Pronounce My Name wafts in and out of book bound lives like a fragile dream as it dances with its characters in their pursuit beyond loneliness and fear of the unknown.  Such a novel appears seldom, as the reader […]

Book review: The Sellout

The Sellout Author: Paul Beatty Man Booker winner 2016 – first American to win   In The Sellout, nothing is sacrosanct and everything is sacrosanct as the author, Paul Beatty turns us on our heads with a satiric novel that proves genius in every way…every sentence pings with intelligent barb and obnoxious humor, and every […]