Book review: The Art of Keeping Secrets

The Art of Keeping Secrets Author: Rachel Johns Everyone keeps secrets — don’t they? Three mothers whose sons attend a swank private school are outliers; they are not moneyed nor are they in the Junior League.  Neve, Emma and Felicity (Flick) form a warm and strong friendship as they live their lives in Western Australia […]

Review: The Woman from Prague

The Woman from Prague Author: Rob Hart (an Ash McKenna Novel) Samantha, the woman from Prague is brash, dangerous, miasmic and a clean mean fighting machine.  Personally, I would have made her a little more weird, like Lisbeth Salander, the protagonist in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but I’m not the author.  Rob Hart […]

The Streets of Paris

The Streets of Paris A Guide to the City of Light Following in the Footsteps of Famous Parisians throughout History Author: Susan Cahill Ever since The Accidental Tourist, I have been entranced with quirky, and/or simply interesting guide books.  The Streets of Paris – A Guide to the City of Light Following in the Footsteps […]

Book Review: The Children

The Children Author: Ann Leary Leary (The Good House, 2013, etc.) writes about nutty, pedigreed New Englanders in this noirish comedy in which financial wrangling and emotional secrets are kept under wraps within a well-born Connecticut family until the arrival of an interloper from west of the Rockies. Single, childless 29-year-old narrator Charlotte is a […]

Book Review: The Trial of Prisoner 043

The Trial of Prisoner 043 Author: Terry Jastrow Terry Jastrow’s debut novel – simultaneously fictional and historically compelling – pulsates with a throbbing plot and quintessential questions of the criminality of the Iraq War – and the guilt or innocence of ex-president George W. Bush regarding crimes for starting a war with Sadam Hussein, who […]

It’s Not Yet Dark – a review

It’s Not Yet Dark (A Memoir) Author: Simon Fitzmaurice Daringly, brutally poignant, It’s Not Yet Dark is the closest thing to pure love that I have read since The Shack and just as memorable.  As Simon Fitzmaurice, an award winning writer, screenwriter and film director tells how he has lived with his wife and children since […]

Book review: Code 7

Code 7 Cracking the Code for an epic Life Author: Bryan R. Johnson This children’s book is animated and productive, as seven elementary school friends decide to empower themselves with a code word to help themselves be real and to help their community. Flint Hill elementary is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary and Principal Cooler asks […]

Ava sits back & reads: Without Fear or Favor

Author: Robert K. Tanenbaum   Looking for a crime novel to burn your boots off in the summer sizzle (it’s 105 degrees and climbing in Salt Lake City)?  With DA Butch Karp and his wife, Marlene combining to catch a killer who has already shot two cops, Without Fear or Favor sears across our reading […]

Book review: Being a Beast

Being a Beast Adventures Across the Species Divide Author: Charles Foster Alluring.  Ethereal.  Other worldly.  Mythic, mandatory, factual, philosophical.  Oh, and Charles Foster should be married to a dictionary!! Such great writing! And such solid inquiry into cross species “beingness” (sentience).  Being a Beast is one of those special once in a great moon books […]

Here I Am – a review

Here I Am Author: Jonathan Safran Foer John Updike.  Philip Roth.  Peter Taylor.  Alice Munro.  Jonathan Safran Foer Writers who gift us with families who thrum within their own family universe, then bounce back to us like an echo. I adore Jonathan Foer.  Eating Animals enchanted and mesmerized me. Timeframe:  One month.  Location:  Washington D.C., […]

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