DVD Reviews: Pound Puppies: super secret pup club

Pound Puppies: Super Secret Pup Club “A pup for every person and a person for every pup!” That’s the motto for the Pound Puppies: Lucky, Niblet, Cookie, Squirt and Strudel – a team of fearless canines whose sworn mission is to find homes for lonely dogs. However, when the Pound Puppies get too busy, the […]

DVD Reviews: Vampire Dog

Vampire Dog This week, E One released a darling halloweenie children’s dvd, Vampire Dog. Ace, 12, is new at school – and we all know how that feels. When Ace screws up and has a band room “accident,” the whole school is laughs at him. Actually it is more than just an accident: Ace falls […]

Toy Reviews: VTech Switch and Go Dinos

VTech Switch and Go Dinos  Toy Best in Show VTech has come out with some darling dinos that transform into intriguing vehicles this fall, and my grandkiddles, 3 and 8, fell in love with them. Me – I was so glad not to have to look or listen to Transformers for at least ONE weekend, […]

CD Reviews: Love is a Superpower

Love is a Superpower “Ever wish you could fly? Leap tall buildings in a single bound? Ever wish you had superpower? Ben Rudnick and Friends are here to tell you that you do have superpower, and it’s called LOVE. With their tenth release Ben Rudnick and Friends fill in the colors of family music. From […]

CD Reviews: Bubble Ride

Bubble Ride by: Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys Welcome our newest reviewer to The Review Broads – Alex. Alex is Broad “Z’s” niece and is HIGHLY opinionated. She will be reviewing some of the more age appropriate toys, clothes, CD’s and movies along with her mom Melissa. With heartwarming effervescence, Vanessa Trien and the Jumping […]

DVD Reviews: R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour

R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series Volume 1 and Volume 2  On September 4, 2012 get ready for a hauntingly good time with the acclaimed television anthology series based on and inspired by the master of children’s’ horror, R.L. Stine. Shout!Factory, in collaboration with The Hub TV Network, will unleash the highly anticipated two […]

Gift Reviews: The Patchwork Bear

The Patchwork Bear a Keepsake Memory Clothes Bear Best in Show! This unique and creative idea enchanted me from Day One!  As a mom, grandmom and doggie mom, I could think of no better idea to gift myself or a beloved friend with a bear that is handmade from bits of my collection of saved […]

Toy Reviews: Cuddleuppets

Cuddleuppets  the new blankie that has a puppet attached! Remember the days of Linus and his BLANKET (a.k.a. BLANKIE)?  I know when my kiddles were little, and I tried to WASH the BLANKET, chaos and hysteria ensued!  It was enough to go out and buy 20 blankets, same make, same color, same stains!  NOW however, […]

Baby Product Review: CandiCheeks

CandiCheeks Character Socks What to my wondering eyes did appear but a pair of the absolutely cutest baby socks I have ever seen!  I have three new babies to buy for next month, so I could not WAIT for these darling socks, priced at $4.99!  WOW!  If the economy has hit you like it has […]

Toy Reviews: Icee Deluxe Slushy Machine

Wish Factory Icee Deluxe Slushy Machine OK, the weather in Utah is HOT!  And the kids are all out around the neighborhood panting like dogs~!  So here is 6 year old Dorothy, my son’s darling little girl, testing out the ICEE Slushy Machine.  Dorothy’s dad, Ben, told me that they went camping with Dorothy and […]

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