Toy Guide 2013

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Holiday Gifts: Frozen

You took them to see Frozen and now they’re asking for Olaf and Anna? Have no fear, Disney Consumer has you covered. Whether it’s Elsa or Anna or the adorable Olaf, you’ll find the PERFECT gift for your Frozen Fan. Anna Fans will love While Elsa lovers are asking for Since I’m an Olaf fan… […]

Toy Reviews: Daisy Plays with me Kitty

HASBRO’s 2013 Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty  A Must for your Christmas List!! Here at The Review Broads we always have our eyes roving around for the newest and best (in our opinion) Christmas toys for the upcoming December 25th! Daisy is adorable. Hot out of Hasbro’s North Pole, Daisy is one of the Special Toys of […]

Kids Reviews: SNAILS KIDS

SNAILS KIDS safe nail polish I just received a package to review from – Athens, Greece!  What’s this? I thought.  And when I opened it, there were two small bottles of ravishingly bright nail polish.  HMMMM, I thought.  I don’t WEAR nail polish.  But my granddaughter Libby does!  And does she EVER get angry when […]

Kids jewelry: iHeart Locket

DANO toys iHeart Locket  “Unlock your world The iHeart Locket is the key to your digital diary. Push the key button to transmit a unique code that opens your iHeart Locket Diary App.(free download).The iHeart Locket is more than just a diary. You can capture your life with photos, stickers, drawings, and voice notes! Keep […]

Children’s Product Reviews: Four Peas Bags

FOUR PEAS BAGS Backpacks, Messenger Bags, and Toddler backpacks for KIDZ Violet Affleck takes hers everywhere. It’s a celebrity kids thing. And I can’t blame the Afflecks! Four Peas bags for toddlers and kids everywhere are sharp, chic and durable. Four Peas provides exclusive bags for kids – and has a new owner as of […]

CD Reviews: I’m So Glad

I’m So Glad Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band    AHHH Music for Christmas!  And beyond!  I am big on children’s music, for it teaches in the background and gives our children the sense of rhythm and song. Alex Mitnick has won 16 national awards for his children’s music. Alex Mitnick teaches them about what music can […]

Holiday Gifts for the chefs in the family

Whether it be mom or dad, a teen or toddler – the kitchen is where so  many find inspiration. All except for “Z” who finds her inspiration at the other end of the phone line placing her take-out order. This year’s BEST OF THE BROADS includes gifts for those who UNLIKE Z, can actually remember […]

Holiday Gifts: For the kids

It’s CHRISTMAS (HANAKKUH) Time (AGAIN!!!) (A and Z) The Review Broads have taken on the role of Santa in suggesting (BUY THEM DARN IT!) THEIR BEST OF THE BROADS (no reindeer, sorry.  Check out Santa Games  for those, but note that you have to own a 15,000 ASL mountain and 85,000,000 tons of hay in […]

Toy Alert: Neighborhood Toy Store Day

NEIGHBORHOOD TOY STORE DAY SATURDAY NOVEMEBER 10, 2012   Yes!  As parents and grandparents, and with Christmas lurking, we all ask the questions: WHAT DO THEY WANT?  (Of course, the answer is everything, but it helps to know some of the best toys on the market today). ASTRA, the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association has […]

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