Children’s book review: The Runaway Dandelion

The Runaway Dandelion Adventures in SustainAbility Author: Jill Regensburg Illustrated by Leticia Plate Another darling children’s book, The Runaway Dandelion begins sadly: a beautiful meadow full of birds, insects, animals, wildflowers, apple trees and beauty is torn down for construction leaving a sad and lonely little dandelion all by itself. As her golden yellow petals […]

First look: Disney·Pixar’s COCO trailer

Honestly, we had NO IDEA about this adorable flick before getting a sneak peek at the trailer for COCO, but since seeing just a piece of this story of this cute wanna-be musician and how his love of music drives him to follow his dream we’ve decided that the BEST way to prepare for giving […]

Dad, we need diapers and….a little something for mom

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Quidsi for this blog post  … and grab me a pair of TOMS in size 9!!! In MY day, the diaper run was mostly…unsuccessful.  You have the baby in your hands, the washing machine’s been out all week, Daddy’s out getting the chink at a business foray, and you reach […]

Essential money saving way to pamper your baby

When you have a new baby on the way, it is understandable to worry about the expenses of an additional family member. Babies are quite expensive, especially in the first few months of life when they need diapers, babysitters, special food, and new clothing every few weeks as they continue to grow. How can you […]

Review: Luminoodle

LUMINOODLE a Utah born company!! – Power Practical is the name of the company WHAT IS LUMINOODLE? See for yourself   THE SCENE:  This is my seventeen year old granddaughter Isa. She rides her bike everywhere.  At anytime.  It worries me. A LOT. Okay, okay, I tell my granddaughter. JUST BUY A BIKE LIGHT!  PLEASE! […]

The 4Kids Trolley Suitcase Travels to Where the Wild Things Are

The 4Kids Trolley Suitcase  Best of the Best in Little Luggage! When I travel with my grandchildren, we are always in a flurry over what to pack, which toys, which games, which CLOTHES and toiletries.  On top of all the flurry is the worry of where to put everything! Grandma’s carry-on only hoists so much, […]

Off the grid gift guide: Ugly Snuglies

UGLY SNUGLIES Lindon takes Rowdy Rabbit for a Snuggle   Okay cutest kid in the world, and an even cuter toy for the season – Rowdy Rabbit has this little girl – and this reviewer – all snuggggly wuggly!  Softer than soft, plusher than plush, Lindon adored this big rabbit that had a hidden surprise: […]

Off the GRID gift guide – PandaPals

Panda Pals I always love to buy for my grandchildren, as do all grandmamas!  BUT I don’t want to purchase toys that fall apart, or even MORE Legos, or games where the pieces all fall down.  So at this time of year, I make sure that The Review Broads find some treasures that you might not […]

What’s new in the cabbage patch?

Note: We received product to facilitate this review.  All opinions are strictly our own. What’s New In the Cabbage Patch with Cabbage Patch Kids?   I adore these little munchkin dolls that still carry their “iconoclastic” adorability and now Cabbage Patch Kids are getting a 2014 makeover, with help from Skechers, USA Inc.  From the […]

How to Interest Your Children in Physical Activity

  Any parent will be able to tell you that healthy children are much happier. They do better at school due to increased concentration and have bigger appetites when it comes to dinner time. The wealth of technological options available means that some children are more interested in sitting on the sofa in front of […]

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