Children’s Product Reviews: Four Peas Bags

FOUR PEAS BAGS Backpacks, Messenger Bags, and Toddler backpacks for KIDZ Violet Affleck takes hers everywhere. It’s a celebrity kids thing. And I can’t blame the Afflecks! Four Peas bags for toddlers and kids everywhere are sharp, chic and durable. Four Peas provides exclusive bags for kids – and has a new owner as of […]

Art for the home: Picarto

Dear Readers, Both Broad A & I want to apologize to you for making an error when we originally posted this review.  The links and name of the company were INCORRECT. Please enjoy this post with the correct links and information. Thank you for understanding. We’ll try our hardest to not do this again. Broad […]

Book Reviews: Conversations with Mom

Conversations with Mom  Author: Betsy Robinson Conversations with Mom brought me to my knees. Betsy Robinson is an aging (the same age I am) baby boomer who has no mother to mentor her into years that we all find confusing – what have we accomplished? I’m scared. Where’s my Mom? I have asked these questions […]

Book Reviews: The Accursed

The Accursed  Author: Joyce Carol Oates   With her stunning writing acuity and a new bent into the occult, Joyce Carol Oates delivers a list of political and authorial great characters:  Theodore Roosevelt, Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, Upton Sinclair, Jack London and Samuel Clemens and routes them into a personal agenda and vendetta as the […]

Book Reviews: In the Body of theWorld

In the Body of the World  Author: Eve Ensler   Sometimes I cleave to a novel.  This novel by the author of The Vagina Monologues pulled me into a fetal position at times as I read about things that I myself have experienced.  As women, many of us do not live within the world of […]

Gift Reviews: Spicy Subscriptions

Spicy Subscriptions Now we all know that Zippy is Naughty and Ava is Nice – but sometimes, we like to switch roles here at The Review Broads (sorry Bro B, you were at a movie somewhere and this is for WOMEN ONLY!). Discreet is the word at The Review Broads, so when Spicy Subscriptions asked […]

Book Reviews: Angel Baby

Angel Baby  Author: Richard Lange   Things are going wrong – very wrong – for Luz.  The second Mexican gangster she’s been mistress to married her.  El Principe, one of the most powerful, vicious crime lords in Tijuana, Mexico, or Rolando, as Luz calls him, has made Luz a captive, and has surrounded her with […]

Beauty reviews: Smith & Vandiver Aromatherapaes

Smith & Vandiver Aromatherapaes Spa Shower Tablets and Other Products A Swish and Swizzle of Citrus in the Shower It’s spring!  Uh oh.  It’s 30 degrees here in Utah, but I caught spring in my shower this morning.  I don’t take baths.  (DON’T ASK!!!)  So when I opened by Spice Goodies Basket of samples provided […]

Food Reviews: Lebepur Fruit, Vegetable Freeze Dried Organics

  Lebepur Fruit, Vegetable Freeze Dried Organic Additives for Your Smoothies I am a smoothie girl.  I start each morning with a smoothie, because: I don’t eat correctly Fruit is expensive I am lazy and it is all I can remember to do to get ready for work each morning I really hate breakfast Jamba […]

Book Reviews: The Cuckoo’s Calling

The Cuckoo’s Calling  Author: Robert Galbraith John Bristow, sister Lula Landry, an internationally famous model, has fallen to her death.  The police say it’s a suicide, but Bristow seeks out a private detective, as he is sure that it is murder.  He walks into the office of private detective Cormoran Strike, ex military who lost […]

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