Book Reviews: You

YOU  Author: Austin Grossman YOU sometimes stutters, sometimes sparkles, and always scintillates its way through the labyrinth of the computer game industry as well as its so very human characters. And even the few stutters bring power to the page that is as crystalline as…brilliant coding? I can’t criticize YOU for sciolism: it is almost […]

Book reviews: The House at the End of Hope Street

The House at the End of Hope Street  Author: Menna van Praag For over 61 years, Peggy Abbott has been overseeing the house at 11 Hope Street, Cambridge, England. Peggy is from a long line of Abbotts, including her 200 year old ancestor who founded the House. Most people cannot see the house as it […]

Book Reviews: The Sunshine When She’s Gone

The Sunshine While She’s Gone  Author: Thea Goodman With poignant insight, a voice that announces she WILL be heard, Thea Goodman races our hearts into overdrive in The Sunshine While She’s Gone. Goodman’s theme, salvation, trembles and echoes in her characters, John and Veronica Reed. Veronica has had a hard time bearing little Clara, now […]

Book Reviews: The Mystery Box

Mystery Writers of America Presents The Mystery Box Brad Meltzer, reknowned author of mystery, including The Fifth Assassin and The Inner Circle compiles a delicious anthology of writers with one theme: THE MYSTERY BOX. “There’s nothing more mysterious than a locked box. Whether it’s a literal strongbox, an empty coffin, the inner workings of a […]

Fashion Reviews: Free Country winter wear

Free Country Power Down Series Women’s Arches Down Jacket This is a lean machine of a down jacket. I ordered it in Large although I usually wear a Medium because I like to wear hoodies under my coats in the Utah balmy-NOT 10 degree winter weather. I usually buy Patagonia, which is a great coat. The […]

Book Reviews: The One Good Thing

The One Good Thing Author: Kevin Alan Milne Like Nicholas Sparks, Kevin Milne writes a gentle love story, with a tender ending. Halley and Nathan Steen live a happy life with their kids, Ty and Alice. Nathan is one of those good men, always doing good deeds. In fact, as long as Halley has known […]

Book Reviews: Pukka’s Promise

Pukka’s Promise – The Quest for Long Lived Dogs Author: Ted Kerasote   In this tale of love for his dog, Merle, who passed away too young, and his new addition to the family, Pukka, the lab, Ted Kerasote delivers the goods on why our dogs die so young, and enters the world of THE […]

Book Reviews: Call the Midwife: Shadows of the Workhouse

Call the Midwife: Shadows of the Workhouse  Author: Jennifer Worth The second novel in her autobiography as a 22 year old working in the poorest section of postwar London as a midwife, Jennifer Worth is compelling. The novels are now a PBS series. At Nonnatus House (a pseudonym), a convent and working base for nursing […]

Book Reviews: The Storyteller

The Storyteller Author: Jodi Picoult Normally, I swoon after reading a new Jodi Picoult. The Storyteller layered itself too thin for my tastes, and Picoult ambitiously takes on too much for this particular novel. Picoult, known for her tone perfect emotional nuances and complex, compelling characters, appears too forceful in this particular novel about families, […]

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