Food Reviews: Sneaky Pete’s

Sneaky Pete’s All Natural Oat Beverage What?  A fruit drink named Sneaky Pete’s?  With 3 grams of fiber and oatmeal in the ingredients?  Yes, you are mindreading!  I was like, yeah, ok….but I’ll give it a try.  With 105 degree temperatures in Utah, and a fridge devoid of Diet Coke (trying to get off of […]

Book Reviews: Welcome Home Mama and Boris

Welcome Home Mama and Boris How a Sister’s Love Saved a Fallen Soldier’s Beloved Dogs A Reader’s Digest  Book by Carey Neesley with Michael Levin  Don’t read this book.  Don’t read this book – unless you have lots of tissue by your side.  We all hear about the war in Iraq constantly, and we feel […]

Health Reviews: Body Works

Body Work’s new Life Enhancing Shots for Energy, Sleep, Relaxation, Performance, Sports RELAXZEN’s Body Works is a new company that has devised a new stratagem for assisting your body in all of its different jobs; sleeping, working, stressing, distressing, relaxing – these new 0 calorie drinks last for several hours using lots of herbal ingredients.  […]

Tech Reviews: PlusMotif iPad Cover

Papier de maison PlusMotif iPad Covers Make Fashion for Techies and Nontechies alike! Papier de Maison offers fashion changeable covers for iPad, iPad mini, kindleFire, Nook, Google Nexus, Kindle black and white ereaders, and Kindle paperwhite.  The covers are plastic with designer panels that simply snap on to change the looks of the covers. We […]

Book Reviews: Shorecliff

Shorecliff  Author: Ursula DeYoung   Coming of age has never been so difficult as for 13 year old Richard.  It is 1928, and Richard Killing’s family is traveling from New York to spend the summer with his extended family – aunts, uncles, cousins as Richard has no siblings – in the summer house Shorecliff on […]

Kids Reviews: SNAILS KIDS

SNAILS KIDS safe nail polish I just received a package to review from – Athens, Greece!  What’s this? I thought.  And when I opened it, there were two small bottles of ravishingly bright nail polish.  HMMMM, I thought.  I don’t WEAR nail polish.  But my granddaughter Libby does!  And does she EVER get angry when […]

Book Reviews: Redemption Mountain

Redemption Mountain  Author: Gerry Fitzgerald   RedemptionMountain offers up a palette of emotions swirling around a small West Virginia coal mining town.  With superb characters, corporate greed and its destruction, and townspeople that speak to us, Fitzgerald surmounts any stereotypes and hits a home run.  Strong, visual, and breathtakingly romantic, Redemption Mountain places us inside […]

Food reviews: Salada Tea

Salada Green Teas  The Review Broads Outdo Mary Poppins Tea for two might be enchanting, but Salada Green Tea is superfragilisticexpialodocious!  I am a diet soda addict.  There it is, out for the world to see.  As I upgrade my eating habits, I decided to switch to green tea, and for that I go to […]

Book Reviews: The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood  Author: Helen Bryan An emotional tight wire act both taut and tense, The Sisterhood offers powerful characterization, and sings its treble notes strongly and proudly into the readers’ ears. As Helen Bryan pivots from 16th century Spain to the present, her tale of the Los Golondrinas Convent presents astute nuns who do not […]

Art Review: CreateMyWalls Photo to Canvas

Clem Becomes a Work of Art What is a Mom to do?  Clem is getting older every day and I HAD to have another picture of him to frame!  I have them all over the house!  So when CreateMyWalls came calling to The Review Broads to review a piece of personal artwork, I could not […]

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