Book Reviews: You Knew Me When

You Knew Me When Author: Emily Liebert   A beguiling and tender novel, You Knew Me When is a story about two young friends whose lives go in different directions.  Throw in betrayal, love, anger and jealousy, and some great writing, and you get the picture. Katherine Hill and Laney Marten are sworn “sisters,” best […]

Health & Beauty Reviews: Zim’s

ZIM’s Naturally Based Products for Pain Relief, Skin Care and First Aid I have always used Arnica for skin wounds, bee stings, and cracked skin and keep it in my backpack.  Zim’s products are totally natural and are creamy and smooth when applied. Zim’s Arnica Max is specially formulated with Arnica for the temporary relief […]

Book Reviews: House of Earth

House of Earth Author: Woody Guthrie   Famous folk songwriter and singer Woody Guthrie is a reminder of the 60s at its best.  But few know that the author of “This Land is Your Land” was an author and painter of talent.  When his 1947 book House of Earth was discovered, it found its way […]

Fashion Reviews: Maggies Magnets

MAGGIES  the Original Fashion Magnet   Creative and functional, this little magnet creates a fashion statement for those women who adore fashion and scarves, as well as wraps.  Maggies are powerful little American made magnets that will make a big impact on what you wear everyday.  Just snap together an outfit out of a shawl, […]

Book Reviews: Mr. Lynch’s Holiday

Mr. Lynch’s Holiday  Author: Catherine O’Flynn Soft and beautiful writing backframes Catherine O’Flynn’s sanguine novel about a father and son who are both lost – and yet define a path to find each other in Mr. Lynch’s Holiday. Eamonn Lynch’s world skews apart when his wife, Laura, leaves him.  Eamonn and Katherine purchased a development […]

Beauty Reviews: Elite Serum Rx Eye Care

Elite Serum Rx Eye Care When I received this product to review from SkinPro Int., I felt excited to try it as all the reviews on Amazon were positive – very positive. I checked on at least five other online review sites, some for skin creams only, and all reviews agreed that Elite Serum RX […]

Book Reviews: Smoke

Smoke  Ellen Hopkins Ellen Hopkins sizzles, as her young adult readers know.  However, her books are not just for young adults.  As an adult reviewer, I find her prose verse tantalizing and terse, fast and furious – and surrounding the frame of her stories about abuse and the reality of teenagers with a beauty that […]

Book Reviews: Stella Bain

Stella Bain Author: Anita Shreve Shreve’s pinpoint access to her characters’ emotional acuity defines her gift in every novel.  Stella Bain proves no exception, as once again, Shreve compels her characters so deeply into the novel that they become real people to her readers. It is March, 1916 and the setting is Marne, France.  A […]

Book Reviews: The Hive

The Hive  Author: Gill Hornsby Mom Diva and Queen Bee Beatrice runs the show at St. Ambrose’ Elementary School.   She controls fundraisers, social events, and the Power Clique, a rotating group of fawning mothers whom she picks to do all the work; for Beatrice is just “too busy” being annoying and nasty to do any […]

Book Reviews: The Youth Corridor

The Youth Corridor – Your Guide to Timeless Beauty  Author: Gerald Imber, M.D.   Written by a plastic surgeon, The Youth Corridor gives good advice on taking care of your skin and face long before you need plastic surgery.  Don’t Get Too Thin was one piece of advice I loved, and this is the type […]

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