Book Reviews: Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes  Author: Kathleen Long Kathleen Long’s lovely and lilting romance novel presents Abby Halladay – a girl who lives her life by her perfect plans. When Abby is fired from her job as a columnist, and discovers that her fiancé Fred has left for Paris, France “to find himself” two months before their wedding, […]

Book Reviews: The Juice Lady’s Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies

The Juice Lady’s Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies  Author: Cherie Calbom, MS, CN Smoothies to me mean sweet, thick, fruitie tutee milkshake like drinks that are bought at Jamba Juice.  I never thought of a “green” smoothie, although I eat lots of raw vegetables.  I opened Ms. Calbom’s book thinking, ok, just review […]

Book Reviews: The Kill room

The Kill Room  Author: Jeffery Deaver When I first started The Kill Room, I thought Deaver the Cleaver. And as I read on, it changed to Deaver the Clever. With a monstrous plot and writing that pistons and blasts, and Lincoln Rhyme as the plot driver, this novel dives into the incredible and bobs up […]

Book Reviews: Blood Pressure Down

Blood Pressure Down – The Ten Step Program to Lower your Blood Pressure in 4 Weeks without Prescription Drugs  Author: Janet Bond Brill, PhD, R.D., LDN   At first I thought WHATTTTTT? Lower your blood pressure without DRUGS?  Why we love drugs in this country – we admire Big Pharm!  So I opened up Janet’s […]

Book Reviews: Prophet of Bones

 Prophet of Bones Author: Ted Kosmatka   Bones are Paul Carlson’s life. When he is asked to come from the laboratory to the field, he enters into a realm that is surreal. The Earth has been discovered to be 5800 years old, but when Paul stalks the bones in an ancient dig on the Indonesian […]

Book Reviews: The Fort

The Fort  Author: Aric Davis   Told in the voice of Tim Benchley and his friends Scott and Luke, twelve year olds who have built a fort to play as American soldiers against the invisible Vietnamese, The Fort does not swaggle into noveldom as easily as the boys become heroes. Matt Hooper is the villain […]

Book Reviews: Murder as a Fine Art

Murder as a Fine Art by  Author: David Morrell   Murder as a Fine Art proves deliciously adept in the ways of a fine crime novel.  It’s got the Three Big P’s:  Plot, Protagonist and Prose. This historical thriller occurs in the 1800’s and begins with the true Ratcliffe Highway murders of 1811 in Victorian […]

Children’s Product Reviews: Four Peas Bags

FOUR PEAS BAGS Backpacks, Messenger Bags, and Toddler backpacks for KIDZ Violet Affleck takes hers everywhere. It’s a celebrity kids thing. And I can’t blame the Afflecks! Four Peas bags for toddlers and kids everywhere are sharp, chic and durable. Four Peas provides exclusive bags for kids – and has a new owner as of […]

Art for the home: Picarto

Dear Readers, Both Broad A & I want to apologize to you for making an error when we originally posted this review.  The links and name of the company were INCORRECT. Please enjoy this post with the correct links and information. Thank you for understanding. We’ll try our hardest to not do this again. Broad […]

Book Reviews: Conversations with Mom

Conversations with Mom  Author: Betsy Robinson Conversations with Mom brought me to my knees. Betsy Robinson is an aging (the same age I am) baby boomer who has no mother to mentor her into years that we all find confusing – what have we accomplished? I’m scared. Where’s my Mom? I have asked these questions […]