Baby It’s Cold Outside!!! 5 Ways to Boomer Up for Winter



As the winter sun lowers in Utah, displaying lots of smoggy inversion and bitter cold, EVERYONE but especially Boomers must take to the streets and stairs to shop for the holidays.

Warm socks, scarves, hats and gloves.  Don’t underestimate the cold and keep your head covered.  Yes, I know Fizzy Hair is ever present with hats BUT I’d rather keep my head warm and keep some hair spray in my purse for ‘Fluff Ups.”

Surgical masks for bad air days.  You may feel dowdy but your lungs will say THANK YOU.

Disposable booties for dogs to keep their paws from salt and freezing pavement.

Yak Trax for shoes for humans – these are “chains” for shoes (instead of tires) and help keep the shoe from slipping on icy pavements.  I find them essential for all winter walking!

WARM shoes.  Do NOT go outside in slippers, flip flops or sneakers as that cold will attack every single toe on each foot and you will come home with sniffles and colds.

Hot chocolate.  No, it doesn’t help with the sloughing of winter, but it sure helps my spirits!  With marshmallows please!

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