Green and Red is Holiday Cheer Blue and Grey – So Sad, oh Dear!

11 Things my Therapist Says:

  1. Holes cannot be filled.  They need to be explored, even digging them deeper, and honored.  Then fill them up with the good stuff.
  2. Self-love comes and goes.  Be gentle with yourself and invite it back.
  3. Pets are family.  Let them love you.  They are good at it.
  4. Don’t forgive if you cannot.  Forgiving yourself is all that counts.
  5. Help yourself first.
  6. Give yourself an inside place to rest and play.
  7. Go slowly.
  8. Observe yourself.  Then respond kindly.
  9. Therapy is good for the blue and grey.  It’s a gift.
  10. Let the holiday expectations go away.  Presents don’t last and aren’t love. Things aren’t love.  Action to be good to yourself is love.  If you hate crowds, don’t shop.  Send cards.
  11. Go gentle into the day.  No expectations.  Say no to everything and yes to yourself all day long

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