Sisters First – a review

Sisters First

Authors: Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush

The daughters of George W. Bush have presented themselves with honesty and with many anecdotes that give us a taste of how readily we judge our presidents and their families; in this refreshing and engaging autobiography the Bush sisters, Jenna and Barbara tell of their grandfather (George H. Bush) and their father’s (George W. Bush) presidential lives as well as their “real” lives – their lives with their families.  As we discover the love of the Bush family and their struggles, we see their struggles as well as their triumphs.

Written in the voices and experiences of Barbara and then Jenna, the two fraternal twin sisters lead remarkably regular lives throughout their childhood and through their adventures living in the White House and in college and with Jenna’s marriage to Henry Hager and Barbara’s favorite Secret Service man.  We see George Bush’s emotional experience of sending the U.S. to war and watch as the family faces 9/11 as they watch the destruction of the Twin Towers along with the rest of America.

As Jenna and Barbara share their toddlerhood, Camp David, their teenage angst over being “those girls” and their fascinating view of life in the White House, we receive a slant of the lives of real people, not just the icons that we make of our presidential families.

Refreshing and genuine, Sisters First is as engaging as Jackie Kennedy’s tour of the White House, and it is nonstoppable in creating a window through the political labyrinth that denies the humanity and caring of the Bush family.

Wonderfully written and a Can’t Put Down Birdseye View of life with the Bush dynasty.

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