Book review: The Integrity Advantage

The Integrity Advantage 

Author: Kelley Kosow (CEO of the Ford Institute)

In a world run amok, Kelley Kosow delivers a platform for developing self-esteem in the realm of truth – i.e., integrity.

Beginning with her wedding day, Kosow delivers a message that many of us felt on that same day:  I am marrying the wrong man for the wrong reasons and I know it.  BUT I must do what my parents…. insert society, other people, my sisters, my teachers…want me to do. Yup.  That rang so true to me.  And I didn’t only do it once – I did it several times.  It was a mistake says Kosow.  And I bet many of my readers resonate with her.

Why do we not listen to ourselves?  Why do we ignore the red flags?  Why?

As Kosow brings to our attention the distractions that we all maintain to “do what we should” not what is right for ourselves, she discusses how to learn self-integrity – how to listen up to our own reality and push through the fears that set us off in the wrong directions.

As she leads up to “step into your truth, love your life, and claim your magnificence, she presents one viable chapter after another delineating how to listen to ourselves and truly create our own lives – the way we truly want them.

An amazing book that I have set by my night stand to remind me each day to LISTEN to me and honor my own needs, in an interesting and readable book on being yourself.  Well done.

  • We received a copy of this book to facilitate this review.
  • The Integrity Advantage  is available for pre-order at and will be out on November 1.

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