Book review: The Art of Keeping Secrets

The Art of Keeping Secrets

Author: Rachel Johns

Everyone keeps secrets — don’t they?

Three mothers whose sons attend a swank private school are outliers; they are not moneyed nor are they in the Junior League.  Neve, Emma and Felicity (Flick) form a warm and strong friendship as they live their lives in Western Australia and struggle.  Neve is a single parent and has a teenage son, Will, who suddenly wants to meet his father – and Neve must reveal her secret.

Emma is constantly exhausted and is in love with her boss at the travel agency where she works – and when tragedy strikes, she must trust her friends with her secrets, also.

And Flick, perfect mother of three young children and a massively wonderful husband, finds herself in a similar situation – she must own that her perfect life has huge holes in it.

When it becomes apparent that Neve needs her friends to travel with her to New York City and face her ex-lover and father of her son – whom she still loves – the three friends book a ticket to New York and help Neve face the music.  While there, Emma’s faces a physical tragedy and Flick makes a choice about her marriage.  As the three friends deal with their most hidden secrets and trust each other for support, their friendship changes and their lives become real – whether for the good or bad.

Great beach read and well written tale of three human friends with three non-perfect lives.

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