Moving To Torrance? 5 Things To Do Beforehand

Located less than 30 minutes from Los Angeles, Torrance is home to tons of sand and surf, and the locals love riding the waves. This Southern California abode is the ideal spot to live with schools, businesses and activity around every corner. If that isn’t enough, you have the option of taking a short commute to L.A. for more diverse jobs, red carpet entertainment and nationally recognized education.

However, before you move to Torrance, there are a few things you should do beforehand. Even after you have packed everything, from your beloved teddy bear to your favorite sport jerseys, there is always that nagging feeling you might have forgotten something. To help ease your move, here is a list of five things you should do beforehand.

Have A List Of Things To Buy

Moving from luxury apartments in downtown San Francisco CA | Carmel Rincon apartments provided you with everything you needed, is a huge step, especially if it’s your first time in the area. During the transition, you are aware there is a lot to be accomplished. That is when a printed checklist of things to do comes in handy.

Cancel Your Recurring Charges

You do not want is to sign up for a gym in the new neighborhood before you cancel your current membership. Read your bank statement and create a list of the recurring charges you’ll not be using anymore once you move. Those are television subscriptions, food delivery, in-flight Wi-Fi and credit monitoring services.

Change Your Mailing Address

If done last minute, changing your mailing address can be a real hassle. Ensure that your bills, mailing lists and subscriptions are kept up-to-date with your new address; consider informing your bank about the address change.

Keep Every Receipt

Get a folder and a notebook and keep receipts of everything you’ve paid for before, during and after moving. You may be surprised to find out what is tax-deductible. Whether it’s for an alarm system, a new maid service, cost of electricity or even getting your plumbing checked over by firms like, make sure you have a receipt.

In addition, while claiming the space for your home office may not be big news, do not forget about all the pieces that go into making your home office. Those are things that you can prorate to account for home-office tax deduction.

If you are purchasing property in Torrance, look into the deductible home mortgage interest as well as what you paid in property taxes during closing. You may qualify for tax breaks for such sometime in the near future.

Check Insurance On Your New Home

If you already have insurance, ensure that it covers you during this move. According to, no matter whether you are buying or renting, it is critical that you protect your possessions against loss or damage during the move and even afterwards. However, you may have to pay to make amendments to your policy.

If purchasing a new home, buildings insurance was probably a condition required in your mortgage contract. Once you have all the details relating to your new home, you can put in place an insurance policy for the property, even 30 days before the move and schedule it to start the day after you pick up your keys.

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