Children’s book review: The Runaway Dandelion

The Runaway Dandelion

Adventures in SustainAbility

Author: Jill Regensburg

Illustrated by Leticia Plate

Another darling children’s book, The Runaway Dandelion begins sadly: a beautiful meadow full of birds, insects, animals, wildflowers, apple trees and beauty is torn down for construction leaving a sad and lonely little dandelion all by itself.

As her golden yellow petals turn into white fluffies, the little dandelion takes off into the air, looking for a new home like her lovely meadow.  She arches over big houses with perfect lawns, and suddenly she sees a lush meadow swampy and full of wetlands she descends and finds her newest home.  She has a new family now on this small family farm and life is good.

We see organic gardening, solar and wind power and water capture.  We see cooking ideas from the environmentally conscious and caring family that live there, and a glossary and resource list for little ones to further examine and gently learn about conserving our land.

This darling book gently speaks to children about Permaculture, creating sustain able organic indoor and outdoor spaces for living and growing food based on the author’s own experiences in Vermont.

Superb for teaching little ones to love our planet and to take care of ourselves and our environment.

  • We received a copy of this book for review.
  • The Runaway Dandelion is available at and other booksellers

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