Children’s book review: Surprise

Author: Mike Henson


Occasionally, I adore reading a good children’s book.  Surprise! By Mike Henson was a shout out for me from the cover page: Rabbit is having a surprise birthday party planned by his little party animal friends.  As the lights go off and on, Rabbit discovers….

His friends, raccoon, porcupine, fox and pig are shouting Surprise! And Rabbit is so happy!

The lights go out and Rabbit sees a banana (fox), a pirate (porcupine) a housewife (raccoon) and a movie star (pig).  How fun!

Oops! Lights out again – off then on – and Rabbit sees all his friends in glasses and hats!

Lights out again! Surprise!  There is a magic show going on!
Every time the light goes on … there’s a fantastic…surprise!

And finally, all the friends are hiding and the lights go on to a huge birthday cake all lit up!

The illustrations make this book a wonderful surprise for any child 5 and under and I simply loved it!  NO SURPRISE IN THAT!

  • We received a copy of this book for review.
  • Surprise is available at and other booksellers


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