How I Keep Myself on Track in the Summer Shopping at Kroger

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Kroger is the store of my choice in Salt Lake City.  Since I use a lot of supplements because I don’t always eat correctly, Kroger and Nature Made supplements and vitamins are “always on my mind.”

Lately I have been taking probiotics – my dog Clem takes them also – and I feel more “zeal” when I am on them.  My health is my priority.  I eat salads every day, and three fruits.  I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.  I make sure that I exercise daily even if it is just walking Clem for a mile.  I try to keep on schedule with my eating and exercise habits, but I don’t always succeed.  As a busy blogger, I often start working and am so focused that I forget to eat well.  SO…

I make sure when I am shopping at Kroger (Smiths in Utah) that I pay attention to the Nature Made Vitamin and supplement aisle.  Kroger makes it easy to find my Nature Made supplements as they are in one aisle and lined up alphabetically.

Digestive health is so important as I age and taking care of myself is so important.   Nature Made Probiotic + B12 Gummies are my choice to keep myself on the right track.  Nature Made Probiotics at Kroger support my digestive health and are naturally fruity and delicious and I love taking them – I don’t ever forget, as they start my day off right!  Raspberry and cherry are my favorite flavors.  I also love that B12 supports cellular energy production!


When I take my Nature Made Dual Action Probiotic + Energy‡† B12Gummies I know that my body is receiving a supplement that contains 4 Billion probiotic cells or CFU* per serving that helps support digestive health and vitamin B12which supports cellular energy production.† I feel that I am taking care of myself and I don’t worry about my tummy.

I also know that Nature Made Dual Action Probiotic + Energy‡† B12Gummies with Vitamin B12 supports cellular energy productionand that is important to me as I age. With kids and grandkids, I need to be able to keep up.

I always add probiotics to my drinks in the morning as I believe a probiotic naturally helps support digestive health

I love that Nature Made Dual Action Probiotic + Energy‡† B12Gummies has 4 Billion CFU* per serving – I know I am getting what I feel that I need!

I love living a happy, healthy life and as a busy dog mom and blogger, I need Kroger, where I can find all the things I need for a healthy life

Where to go to find Kroger and Nature Made Probiotic + B12 Gummies?

AND I have to say I adore the raspberry cherry taste of my Nature Made Probiotic + B12 Gummies – YUM!


‡ Vitamin B12 supports cellular energy production?

* Formulated to provide at least 4 billion live cells per serving if continuously stored in a cool, dry place at or below 75 degrees F (23 degrees Celsius) and consumed prior to expiration date. Storage and handling conditions can vary, and may affect the total amount of cells delivered at time of consumption.

 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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