ON A MISSION to Clean America One Polly at a time!

I am a clean freak – sometimes. 

Since Clem the Dachshund sheds, and since I live in a 9th floor high rise, I have accepted that dust and dirt are my always companions.  But Clem is allergic to dust, so I clean as often as I can, realizing that the harsh chemicals are not helping his severe allergies at all. When polly cloth came across my desk marked USE ME I did …. And I felt like Scheherazade had visited my house with a Clean Story to keep the King of Dirt at bay (hey, I’m a literary chick what can I say).

SALVATION has come.  The POLLY CLOTH WORKS like a genie in a bottle and Clem’s allergies have lessened immensely since I started adding a touch of water to these miraculous cloths and used them for cleaning and dusting.  A big thank you to Polly Cloth; I am an admirer!  Now as I read my way through the day, I know that dust and dirt — while hovering — are not going to ruin my life – or Clem’s life either!


Polly Cloth, a cleaning cloth that cleans with NO chemicals


The founder of Polly Cloth, Alex Hegevall Clarke Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, is a clean freak.  And he wanted a chemical free way of cleaning.


Polly  is a cleaning company designing innovative products for a new age of chemical-free cleaning. Polly Cloth’s proprietary microfibers attract dust, hold over eight times their weight in liquid and — with just a spritz of water — remove more germs than disinfectant wipes. ?Polly is also environmentally friendly and meant to be laundered and reused, saving waste and money over disposables and other microfiber rags.


  • Polly is the first cleaning cloth that removes over 99.9% of germs with just water and is 100% scratch-resistant, lint-free, bleach-stable and machine-washable
  • With a splash of water, Polly removes more germs from your countertops, coffee tables and smartphones than chemical disinfectants
  • At 20x smaller than human hair, Polly’s fibers scrub the smallest nooks and crannies you can’t reach with sponges, wipes and towels — all without scratching
  • Polly absorbs more water than five paper towels. Washable and reusable, Polly saves trees and saves you money
  • Clean up the environment too by reducing chemical run-off, antimicrobial resistance and landfill waste
  • Want to use chemicals? No problem. Polly is durable enough for use with your favorite household cleaning products, even bleach ? No more restocking. Polly is machine washable and can be laundered over 400 times
  • 3-pack of Blue, Gray, White or Yellow Polly Cloths: $20 (includes free shipping in 100% recyclable packaging)


  • Each Polly Cloth is made from over 40 million loops of our proprietary PowerFiber™
  • PowerFibers are 4-micron-wide wedges that are designed for optimal cleaning and removal of microbes from hard surfaces
  • With water, PowerFibers generate suction at the microscopic level, allowing Polly to remove more pathogens like C. Diff, E. Coli and norovirus than household disinfectants and disposables
  • More effective dusting by science. PowerFibers carry a negative electrostatic charge, naturally attracting positively-charged dust, hair, spores, dander and pollen
  • Polly exceeds CDC guidelines for hospital sanitation and is 100% chlorine-stable, allowing it to clean or be cleaned with bleach


  • All orders ship free to all 50 United States
  • Polly’s 14-day trial allows for a product return for a full refund within 14 days (including return shipping)

We received product to facilitate this review. All opinions are strictly our own.






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