A look at: Aliens (a review)


The World’s Leading Scientists on the Search for Extraterrestrial Life
Edited and with an Introduction by Jim Al-Khalili

I believe that we all have some instinct or thoughts on extraterrestrial life, especially with media movies such as E.T. and other alien movies that capture our imagination.  Roswell has long been a byword in extraterrestrial fiction.  This book is a compendium of essays discussing and informing about alien life, whether it exists, whether on another galaxy, and all matters pertaining to all ands, ifs and buts on extraterrestrial life, including A.I. (artificial intelligence) and SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence).  Written by many researchers and scientists in the field, Aliens is mesmerizing and full of information.

All ends of the spectrum of writers are included in Aliens, from cosmologists, Astrophysicists, NASA Planetary scientists, geneticists and more, all discussing the latest findings, facts and thoughts of the scientific community.  Many of the topics are relevant: does intelligent life exist elsewhere in space?  Where might that be?  Space travel and cyborgs, robot overlords, are human’s just pawns in some interplanetary game?  Compelling and fascinating, Aliens considers all the newest scientific evidence and theories and you don’t have to be a UFO-er to read and learn in these essays presented by some of our most intelligent researchers in the field.

  • Wonderfully interesting and daringly informative, some of the chapters include:
  • Why Aliens Might Visit us by Lewis Dartnell
  • Flying Saucers – a Brief History of Sightings and Conspiracies by Dallas Campbell
  • Aliens on Earth – What Octopus Minds Can Tell us About Alien Consciousness by Anil Seth
  • Abducted: the Psychology of Close Encounters with Extraterrestrials by Chris French
  • Home Sweet Home: What Makes a Planet Habitable by Chris McKay
  • The Next Door Neighbors: The Search for Life on Mars by Monica Grady
  • Alone in the Universe: The Improbability of Alien Civilizations by Matthew Cobb
  • Are They Out There? Technology, the Drake Equation and Looking for Life on Other Worlds by Sara Seager
  • And many more essays.

Great gift for the scientist in your life – or just as a great read!

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