The Last Place you Look – a review

The Last Place you Look

Author: Kristen Lepionka


Private investigator Roxane Weary is grieving – her policeman father has died in the line of duty.  And she is drinking a lot and working less.  So when her brother asks her to help a friend, Danielle Stockton, she takes the case.  Danielle’s brother Brad is on death row for killing his girlfriend’s mother and father fifteen years ago.  The girlfriend, Sarah Cook, disappeared at the same time. Brad is Black and Sarah Cook was from a white family who did not appreciate the mixed racial relationship of their daughter.  The murder weapon, a hunting knife, was found in Brad’s car trunk and he was immediately tried and sentenced to death row for murder.

Danielle, however, has seen Sarah Cook for the first time in fifteen years coming out of a food service station and has retained Roxane to help her find the real killer – and Sarah Cook.  Roxane discovers that there is a connection to one of her father’s cold cases when she starts looking for evidence: another blond teenager from small town Belmont.  As Roxane keeps searching for a trail of the missing girl, she discovers more evidence of a serial killer, and she discovers it could not have been Brad Stockton.

With stealth and anguish Roxane fights to find the real killer before another girl dies – and she puts her own life on the line.

Fast and furious, this debut novel presents a new heroine, Roxane Weary, a P.I. with a brain.  Thrilling and fast paced, I thoroughly enjoyed this crime scene!

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