Scrub a dub dub?  Not in THIS TUB!  I Use Flower Mound Soap Works for the Face and Body

I am the Seeker of Succulent Soaps in my family – and The Review Broads family – so when I came across Flower Mound Soaps (and tried their soaps especially for the face) I swooned.  My face is aging…..a lot….and I live in the desert.  Soaps are hard to come by that maintain the glycerin content that keeps my skin soft.  So Flower Mound’s brilliant line of facial soaps was right up my alley1


Does it work?  Now it would be easy to say that every wrinkle disappeared as I fell into Soap Suds Heaven; the reality is that this soap is like washing my face with cotton it is so soft and gentle.  Does it “work” – well, “work” for me means cleansing in a manner that does not strip my face of essential oils and that does not leave it rough and chapped, as the sun here in Utah is brutal in we live in and out of the mountains.  So I felt delighted that my face feels soft and moisturized, not flaky or over cleansed.  I LOVED Ugly Soap.  My favorite was for mature Skin, but all of them were a FACIAL delight.


I went onto Flower Mound’s website to discover more about these delightful handmade soaps.  I did not know what saponification and cold process meant, so I decided to research them in the FAQ section.  Flower Mound explained these processes well.

  • “What is saponification?  Saponification is the process of making soap, using a strong base, usually sodium hydroxide, to break oil molecules into three soap molecules and a glycerin molecule. The base is completely used up in the process so that none is left in the finished soap. We use the cold-process method of saponification where the oils and base are combined at low temperatures.
  • How is the cold-process method different than milled soap?  In the cold-process method of soap making, the oils and base are combined at 100 ?F or less. This is important because the low temperature keeps the beneficial properties of our high quality botanical ingredients. Triple milled soaps are often processed at much higher temperatures which can degrade high quality oils. This process is favored by larger soap factories because it is a faster process with less curing time and allows for use of lower quality ingredients and animal fats.  The other major difference is that cold-process soap is mixed, then poured, so all of the ingredients remain. In milling, the soap is made, then broken up by rollers and repressed into bars. If it is triple milled, this process is repeated three times. In commercial mills the moisturizing glycerin that is formed during saponification is removed because it gums up the machinery, making the soap more drying. The removed glycerin is often used in lotions, while other compounds are added back to the soap to make up for the missing glycerin”.


Flower Mound Soap Works soaps for the face are very reasonably priced as they served as a moisturizer for me as well as a cleanser.

With so many soaps to choose from on the internet, I am confident that Flower Mound soaps will be a graceful, elegant and soothing addition to any woman’s facial regime.  Me?  I loved them!

 Rating: 5+out of 5


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