Online dating? How about a PICNIC?

NOTE: We received this Hershey’s S’mores Caddy in order to write about it. All opinions are strictly my own.

It’s a good start…but it’s missing something

As you know I have been dabbling in the world of online dating. I have to tell you that it’s NOT EASY once you hit your mid-60’s, then again…when was dating ever easy? One of the issues has been what to do and where to go. I am so tired of meeting for coffee, and the last time one of my online dates took me ice skating…well, let’s just say that I JUST had the cast removed.

Which got me to thinking that I’d LOVE it if someone thought enough to put together


If you live in Utah like I do, a picnic is a wonderful idea for a date – we have trails, trails and more trails and mountain streams galore.   Also along many of the trails there are outdoor grills which makes for a wonderful hot dog day with S’mores as dessert! So here are some innovative ideas for YOUR great date!


Location, location, location!  Make sure you are at a public park or on trails that have grills so that all you have to bring is the cooler filled with STUFF you love to eat!  And I don’t mean P&J sandwiches!



Hot dogs, finger sandwiches, flatbread, baguette and cheese, smoked salmon – go with food that is fun, easy, quirky and nostalgic.


Make it – fun, easy, quirky, nostalgic.  Listen, listen, listen.  Allow for the other person to set the pace, but be yourself and know that you are enjoying meeting another fun person, not matter the outcome.


You can even waterproof it with a shower curtain!


Make them easy them easy to open and hard to destroy!  I especially love the Hershey S’mores Caddy (get it at BJ’s wholesale club) with compartments for all the ingredients needed for camping or glamping – or a first date!


Champagne if on a date, water, lemonade, wine if you’ve got kids coming along.


Roasting sticks for hot dogs, marshmallows and S’mores (bought or made out of sticks), and don’t forget an oven mitt.


Hershey’s S’mores packed in their own container. I love this idea so much, that I can see just bringing champagne and the making of s’mores.

Have fun!

Do you have any suggestions for a first date? I’d love to drop a few hints to some of these guys.

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