Favorite Holiday Gifts for Under $10

pexels-photo-104966Tis the season for gift buying.  But if you are like most of us, buying gifts is equal parts exciting and stressful.  You worry about what to buy and how to stay under budget.  To help, we have picked out our favorite holiday gifts for under $10.

For the Pet Enthusiast: Travel Bowls


These collapsible bowls are perfect for those who exercise outside with their pets, or who just love to take their furry friend wherever they go.

For Anyone Glued to Their Tablet or Smart Phone: Screen Cleaners 


And that means this is a gift for pretty much everyone.  We all know that screens can get pretty gross, so this is a very useful item.

For the One Who Needs to Tune the World Out: Beanie with Built-In Headphones 


Great for studying, commuting, and more, this gift is great for introverts and those who just need to tune things out for a bit.

For Your White Elephant Party: Shark Ice Cubes

These ice cubes will take any drink to the next level.  This gift is also great for kids who love sharks and anyone who takes joy in the silly things in life.

For the Kid Who Loves LEGOs (and Their Mom): Building Block Cake Mold

Considering most kids love LEGOs, this is a gift that can knock a few people off the list.  Also great for any engineers in your life.

For Anyone with Extra Time on Their Hands: Puzzle Spheres 


Choose from three different colors, each representing a different level of difficulty.  This gift is great for those who travel a lot or who just have extra time to spend on a silly puzzle.

For the Budding Novelist: Story Cubes 


These cubes are designed to prompt story telling from those who play, giving them inspiration without leading them.  While this game is designed for children, grownups can have fun with it as well.

For the Chef: Pizza Garden 


This kit comes with all the herbs needed to make a great sauce, as well as the tomatoes.  It is a great alternative to the typical, boring plant.

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