Got a Boo Boo? Try ZIM’S Max Freeze Patches


I’m at the age when I get aches and pains over the smallest things, and when I hike, which I love, in the mountains, I want something that I can carry in my backpack for stings and bruises.  I want something I can get over the counter and not have to wait in line at the pharmacy for.  I want all natural ingredients.

ALL NATURAL Max-Freeze contains ORGANIC ingredients aloe vera, arnica and ilex, vitamin E and tea tree oil with NO parabens sulfates or coloring and NO testing on our beloved animals. Zim’s MAX FREEZE is contained in a small round container also, which fits in my back pack or glove compartment so I can always take it with me.  These patches also contain lidocaine and menthol and as a patch they fit where I need them.

The medium size patches with six patches in a container are good for arms, legs, knee, neck or wrist.  They also come in large patches with four to a container and extra-large, three to a pack, for the back and other large areas.

Make sure you have some on hand for kid’s scratches too!

Review by Broad “A” 

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