Making Early Morning Runs Easy


Early mornings are not everyone’s cup of tea, and while some people absolutely bounce out of bed, ready to hit the ground running (literally) the mere mortals among us are known to snooze the alarm clock a bit too much and really dread getting up.

Exercising in the morning is an incredible way to start the day. It freshens you up, gets your blood pumping, sweats out toxins and also means that your exercise for the day is done. You don’t have to come home from a long day at work and then have to immediately head out for a run.

If you have recently had an injury or surgery then you may want to think about starting off with a brisk walk to warm up. If you think your pain is as a result of a botched medical practise then good medical negligence solicitors are advised. If a health professional has done you harm you should claim compensation for medical negligence. If you don’t know how to do we advise you to read the Solicitors.Guru article “Claiming for medical negligence”. To tell the truth we find Solicitors.Guru website very useful for those who need legal help or any legal information.

This is how we think that running in the morning can become just another part of your daily routine, and believe us – you will eventually enjoy it:

Lift your blood sugar levels

It can be hard to get going in the mornings, not just because your muscles are still cold but also because your blood sugar levels are at an all-time low. Wake up just a few minutes earlier than you normally would and eat something as a pick me up, such as half a banana or some toast with jam. This will give you the boost that you need to get through your run.

Walk before you run

Walking for 5 minutes is the best way to warm up your cold muscles and will be the best way to prevent injuries. As stated earlier if you are in pain from a surgery, find a solicitor that you can consult for advice. If you are struggling with a slight injury – then your warm up is extra important in order to prevent worsening it.

Gradually build your run

Rather than getting straight into a hectic run after your warm up, rather take your time to gradually build up a strong run. Your body will appreciate the gradual build up and will allow you to have a stronger run than if you had gone straight into your power section. This is also a better way to run in order to prevent injuries.

Develop a playlist that will get you going

Developing an excellent playlist is a great way to get you motivated and to keep your running strong. Make sure the playlist is filled with high tempo songs that make you want to put in more energy. Slow songs will only result in a lag in your running.

Use apps

There are some great running apps that will help you work out to the best of your abilities as well as tracking how long you run and fast you are completing them. This allows you to see how you are improving and encourages you to work on besting yourself time and time again.

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