The Legacy of James Bond



Few characters ever manage to bridge the gap between the generations quite as successfully as James Bond. The MI6 spy who first made an appearance in 1953, when writer Ian Fleming decided to delve deep into the fictional secrets of the criminal underworld and the defenders who stand against it, is now a multimillion pound brand. Since then, several different authors have used 007 as their muse, and there have been no end of film and television adaptations of the classic stories produced which expand the franchise further. Its effects on pop culture are still being felt to this day, with many other industries taking it upon themselves to get inspired by the dashing British agent.

There are numerous components to the merchandise of this great but fictional man, all of which often cherry pick their favorite bits and morph the protagonist into something else entirely; it’s still James Bond, but not as we know it. We expect this of films, for generic conventions so often overlap, but up until recently we rarely saw it so abundantly in games. There has always been the sense of ‘we’ve seen this happen before’, but none quite do it as well, nor as often, as Bond spin offs.

Although no true spin off has ever been established, questions as to why still haunt and dog fans and directors alike, many unofficial offshoots have been created over the franchise’ lifespan. As to the why is an incredibly simple question to answer: companies want to capture a similar sort of magic, like that which James Bond has instilled within fans. Add to this the fact that other brands try and add their own stamp onto the already infamous name, and the merchandise is an endless conveyor belt of commodities.

In among all that’s available, other series like that of Tomb Raider are ripe for the picking for gamers who want a bigger fill. Easily described as a female version of the renowned spy, other companies have gone one step further and actually played upon the name to open up a wider target audience. Now you can play online slots at Betway and come into contact with original characters such as Jane Bond, a female adaptation of 007. Subtle though the name is not, it goes to highlight exactly how much Bond has become a muse, a template, for all others to follow.

Some are completely individualistic in their appearance, story, and diversity, while others are blatant copies dressed up anew for a hungry market begging for more. Whether you approve of them is irrelevant, for the legend of James Bond is sure to live on in these titles and items just as much as he is his own.


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