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Origami Unicorn is a design studio based in San Francisco California. They design products to make life better.

Addressed to WHOM?

Everyone who travels!!



Origami Unicorn has a new product called TUO, which stands for Travel Undergarment Organizer.  My usual undergarment organizer is a plastic zip lock bag, so when I saw Origami Unicorn’s newest “invention” I flipped!  With the airlines all starting to charge for excess luggage I NEED an organized carry on! And this one is fab and very chic, designed as sleek as the fastest jet!


I am an Accidental Tourist and Traveler. 

Since I was an Army brat, I traveled every three or four years until I was eighteen.  I was raised in Europe. I was lonely, did not have friends, and felt abandoned every time we left another country for another three year post.  So travel for me has been a lifetime of overcoming my insecurities and past fears.

Another problem is that I am disorganized.  Truly I am.  I have ADHD and that makes organization a difficult focus!  So when I realized that packing does not have to be a series of Ziploc bags and trying to fit everything into a carry on, I decided to follow Broad Z (Zippy Sandler, Champagne Living) and to watch how she packed travel ons!  When I saw that Origami Unicorn, a very chic design company in California, made a beautifully tailored and designed undergarment bag, I snatched it up.  With the right tools, I do not have to be organized, I can allow others to make it easy with a great design!


So here it is folks! 

I do travel now, in small increments, and I adore this add on to my carry-on luggage.  The Travel Undergarment Organizer allows me to put all my undergarments, socks, T-shirts, etc., into their well-designed garment bag.  With three different compartments and a snap on strap that double snaps, along with a sleep black outer cover, I actually had fun packing!

Not only is this bag wonderful it is so well made.  Double seamed, and simply durable and sleek, it feels like a Birkin made small!  Very nice design and so durable.

So now I have to work up to going on a trip with Zippy to Europe!  She might have to twist my arm, but….

Thank you Origami Unicorn for the TUO bag!  One more on the bucket list!


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Overall:  5 

Review by Broad “A” 

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