8 Tips for Women Alone at Night

Walking into Dark Shadows: 8 Tips for Women Alone at Night


I now live in a huge apartment complex with a downstairs garage.  Making that nighttime trip down to my car is scary – the lighting is there but the illumination is not enough to see those scary people hiding under my car!  I want to be safe!  So here are some tips, ladies (and guys too!) for walking around in the dark:

  1. In Utah I cannot carry mace – it is against the law. So I have hair spray in my glove compartment in case of emergency situations, like ghouls stalking me!
  2. I always have a flashlight in the car. I found an amazing flashlight – the VIISLIAM Deluxe 4 in 1 flashlight – that is a work light, an emergency red light and has a magnetic base and I keep it in my car.
  3. Keep water, energy bars, dry pet food, and a first aid case in the trunk. Add a blanket and towels to be sure.  I also carry extra batteries in my glove compartment.
  4. Make sure you take your cell phone. You don’t know when your car might break down.
  5. I have an emergency list in my car and at home. Doctor’s numbers, vet number, hospital number, tow number, etc.
  6. If you end up in the trunk of your car, kick out like crazy, break the tail light out if possible, and put your hand out to draw attention to the car.
  7. Don’t dawdle when you get in your caret in, lock the doors and drive, whether you are in a garage or out shopping. Don’t let an intruder catch you sitting in your car, talking on the phone and not paying attention.  He or she can get into the passenger side faster than you imagine.
  8. ALWAYS resist resist resist. If you are driving, crash into something.  If you are on foot, RUN.


Kleenex!  Just because!

Since safety is always my first concern, I find I need certain tools with me in the car and as I age, and a flashlight is essential!  I found my VIISLIAM Deluxe 4 in 1 Flashlight with 9 LEDS provides me with 100,000 hours of service!  I need this because I am constantly forgetting what I am supposed to buy when I go to the store, and batteries are never on my list!


The flashlight has a work light, an emergency light, and a magnetic base.  The work light is a brilliant light with 18 LEDS that keeps on trucking no matter what.  It is great for when I drop my keys under the car.  The magnetic base on the flashlight will also pick up my keys if they are in a small place where my hand won’t go.  I have a compact car, and often drop my keys. I also like that the magnetic base can pick up screws and bolts.


And this VIISLIAM Deluxe 4 in 1 Flashlight flashlight is small enough to put in your purse and heavy enough in case you need it to use against someone.  Think safety!

So don’t get stuck in those dark and dangerous areas without being constantly aware of where you are going and without making sure that you have what you need to be safe!


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  1. I had no idea that it was against the law to carry mace in Utah. Thanks for the advice about having a flashlight on hand. I’ll have to buy an LED flashlight to help me protect myself.

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