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Diva shopping for children and grandchildren require a Mr. Sherlock and Mr. Homes approach to the holidays coming up!  Many of us have gazillions of presents to buy, and money is at a premium – so before you sell The Mansion and Buy SantaStock from Donald Trump, check out our little known and unique finds in toys and Things that Little Ones Might Adore! (Personally, I wanted all the STUFF for myself they were so cute!)

So new that they have just made their website are FLUFFEEZ!  I give lots of gift cards to my teenage grandchildren (yes, they want a new car, but hey!).  And for all the little ones on my list, I figure Momma can shop better than I can.  So these darling little stuffed animals that contain a marsupial pocket on the front to place a gift card are PERFECT!  You can order online at but hurry – their supplies are depleting fast.  Well-made and simply darling, there is a small hanging twist on top for putting your Fluffeez on the tree – but I doubt you can get these cuties out of your grandchildren’s hands.

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And at $4.99 they are so reasonable!  These adorable stuffed cuties come in Bear, Bunny, Monkey, Panda, Penguin and Puppy for 2015, with many new varieties coming in 2016 for ANY occasion!  Dress up those gift cards – we’re off to the North Pole!

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Happy Holidays with Fluffeez

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