Book Reviews: You Knew Me When

you knew me whenYou Knew Me When

Author: Emily Liebert


A beguiling and tender novel, You Knew Me When is a story about two young friends whose lives go in different directions.  Throw in betrayal, love, anger and jealousy, and some great writing, and you get the picture.

Katherine Hill and Laney Marten are sworn “sisters,” best friends who have grown apart.  When a former neighbor Luella Hancock leaves Katherine and Laney her house, they have to come together, crossing their “real” worlds and enter the past, and all that has happened to them since.

Manchester, Vermont beckons Katherine from her high powered cosmetics company in Mew York.  Laney still lives there, married and with a child.  And then there is Katherine’s old love, whom she abandoned so she could get out of the small town.

Lovely and sweet, You Knew Me When is a great novel to read for pleasure as we all see ourselves in the struggle to remain friends when our dreams have not fulfilled all  of our needs – the need for that one special friend that remains with you all your life.

Loved it!

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Overall: 4

Review by Broad “A” – Ava

We received a copy of this title for our book review. All opinions are our own

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