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So, you’re asking yourself Ben why are you interested in this movie?  Doesn’t it star Miley Cyrus?  Are you just a madman? Here are four excellent reasons to check
      1.  Here’s the deal, I’m a complete sucker for coming of age stories.  Yep, they get to me even if they are not for my demographic.  I grew up with Say Anything, Fast Times @ Ridegmont High, Rebel Without a Cause and Clueless.  Before starting high school I knew that it would be difficult, just like the movies…. lol…it was actually much worse.  LOL seems to be doing all of the same things as the previously mentioned films.  Taking the Coming of Age formula and putting its own spin on things, here is the social media coming of age story!
·        2. The supporting cast is amazing Jay Hernandez, Thomas Jane, Marlo Thomas, and Gina Gershon.  Those four names have me buying a ticket.  I can watch Thomas Jane and Gina Gershon in anything.
·       3. The French film it is based off of is absolutely amazing.  It is quite adorable if you every get the chance I highly recommend it.
·        4. The film is set in Chicago. All of John Huges work, American Pie and Mean Girls were set in Chicago.  Every great teen film is set in Chicago.

LOL Opens on Friday May 4, 2012 at limited theaters. So, if LOL is playing in your area I highly recommend checking it out!  And here is some crazy shorthand for you to play with.
1337: From the word Leet derived from the word elite
10q: Thank you
BCNU: Be seein’ you
F9: Fine
N1: Nice one
pwned: Intentional misspelling of owned
ZOMG: An intentional misspelling of the acronym shorthand for “Oh My God”

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  3. Anonymous says:

    so where is review? we can't wait, please add this news!

  4. Anonymous says:

    so where is review? we can't wait, please add this news!

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